Be stylish! 5 hairstyles that celebrities with shapes prefer

Curvy women are advised to avoid short haircuts. But long hair for “pumpkins” is a way to visually stretch the face and look thinner. However, a haircut is not the last component of the image. It is equally important to choose a fashionable color so that a lady with remarkable forms looks harmonious. Below are 5 shades that stylish women with an attractive figure choose for themselves.

Ashley Ann Graham, an American plus size model and mother of two, boasts hair in a beautiful shade of coffee. Fame came to her thanks to filming in gloss: by the age of thirty, she appeared on the pages of Lane Bryant, Elle Quebec, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamor and Elle UK.

Surprisingly, not a single stylist or modeling agency changed Ashley’s image – she looks so harmonious in her hair color. The luxurious natural shade reflects the tone of her skin and eyes. It looks amazing!

By the way, another magnificent celebrity took advantage of Ashley’s trick. Kim Kardashian West also tried brown hair color. And although he looks great with it, he gave preference to the next paragraph in the article.

Chocolate shade can be called truly royal: a rich deep color ennobles and makes the appearance of almost any woman expensive. Celebrities know this like no one else, so you can often see it on them. Kim Kardashian, Salma Hayek, Isabella Cohen and other celebrities with magnificent forms are a direct confirmation of this.