Be careful about the haircut you choose! 5 recommendations for styling and proper care of thin hair

Thin hair without volume is a problem that many women face. You should not be upset about this, you just need to sensibly assess the condition of the strands and organize appropriate care. In addition, it is important to correctly choose a haircut and style your hair, taking into account their characteristics. These tips will help you create extra volume and exceptional hair that many women will envy.

1. Find out what type of scalp you have!

Many problems do not depend on the type of hair, but on the type of scalp. Oily skin cannot be left without special care. Excess sebum makes hair heavier, making it look less voluminous and unkempt. Include special products in your care – shampoos that regulate sebum production to give new volume and appearance to hair!

2. We need to know everything about the quality of the hair we have

Another important point is the quality of the hair, because often the strands are not only thin, but also damaged and lifeless. If you see that the ends are split or brittle, you need to take care and repair them immediately. Look for products with a formula that repairs damaged strands without weighing them down. Carefully study the composition, if it contains silicones or proteins, then they strengthen the hair, although not for a long time, but they are still useful substances. It is good when the composition contains bonders, or plexuses that can restore the structure of the hair from the inside. Thanks to them, the strands become stronger, denser and look healthier.

3. Density – the main criterion when choosing a haircut

women with thick hair should not opt ​​for haircuts with multi-layered elements. If the density is medium, layers will be a great addition. Visually, such a haircut will make the hairstyle more airy, voluminous and lighter. Be careful with layering if you have sparse strands. It is better to turn to options with a tight cut. So visually the hair will become more voluminous.

4. Competent styling

Another detail that ensures the success of styling is the correct choice of styling products. Mousse makes the strands very heavy, so you should refuse it. A variety of lotion sprays and other texturizing products can be considered optimal means. Apply styling products only to cleansed strands that are also towel-dried. After applying the product, do not particularly dry the hair, let it dry naturally. If you are in a hurry, you can use a hair dryer. To increase the texture and make the strands more wavy, pulling the strands into a fist will help. Leave the comb aside, it is not necessary to use it in the procedure. You can use thermal styling tools – styler, tongs or curling iron. Give up strong tight curls, negligence looks much more voluminous.

5. Use the lack of volume and density to your advantage

Thinning hair is also a problem for women whose work is directly related to their appearance. Therefore models with thin strands use a smooth style that thick hair cannot create. Try, if such a hairstyle suits you: smooth parting on smooth hair. Do not rush to hair extensions, especially since this procedure is no longer relevant today. Try these simple instructions first. We are sure you will be delighted with the result.