Asymmetric bangs for short, medium and long hair. 16 flawless hairstyle ideas

Hairstyle – is a woman’s way to express herself and create a stylish and attractive image, and bangs are one of the main details of any haircut. In some cases, a haircut looks chic without it, but stylists believe that with the help of bangs you can create a more original and attractive image. In this article we will share with you the features of asymmetrical bangs for short, medium and long hair.

Short asymmetrical bangs on the diagonal

A short bang, which is diagonal to the forehead, is in harmony with a haircut of any length. Such bangs lengthen the face and make the image softer and more feminine. The asymmetry of the diagonal bangs is perfect for brunettes or blondes with thick hair.

When using asymmetry in bangs, it is necessary that the haircut is also combined with it. For a natural and attractive look and a combination of diagonal bangs, it is better to choose haircuts that exclude hair growth on the sides of the head.

Asymmetrical diagonal bangs will look great with a bob or carre, where one of the features is the strands hanging down the face. Another option for combining a diagonal haircut is a cascade for medium hair. For short hair, such bangs are suitable with a pixie haircut.

Long asymmetrical bangs

Elongated bangs milled with asymmetry – this is one of the effective details that will change and add taste to the haircut. It is best to form such bangs from the crown. In another way, this technique is called – French bangs. A big plus of long asymmetrical bangs is the ability not to lose hair length.

The most common option used is the asymmetrical milled bangs in combination with haircuts with a length of hair below the shoulders, while the long side of the bangs reaches the chin. In a bob and carre haircut, it often happens that the lower strands of the bangs reach the end of the haircut. Short haircuts will look very impressive with such bangs since they can rejuvenate the image and give it a special elegance.

Long bangs are a universal option suitable for all hair types and facial contours. Asymmetry adds chicness to the hairstyle and allows you to change the image every day with the help of different styling products.

Asymmetric medium bangs

Asymmetric bangs of medium length allow you to add volume to your hair, and most importantly, the overall look of the hairstyle is very natural. Usually, this type of bangs is used by ladies who have naughty and rough hair. Thinning the bangs in the middle diagonal can make them look a little uneven and at the same time amazingly good.

The middle bangs appear in every haircut, as a decorative element and distract attention from skin and silhouette imperfections. It can be performed on any length of hair. Medium asymmetrical bangs are suitable for women who have decided to make oblique bangs for the first time. He is able to visually improve the image and is unlikely to be able to spoil the previous hairstyle.

Types of haircuts with asymmetrical bangs

For short hair, the asymmetry of the bangs is suitable for a pixie hairstyle. A fashionable haircut and oblique bangs will make the image of a bold and modern woman.

For curls of medium length and asymmetrical bangs, a bob or a classic carre is very suitable. These two haircuts are at the peak of popularity and have always been considered the most feminine and elegant, and such a detail as bangs can further emphasize the dignity of a girl.

For long hair and unusual bangs, the best option is a cascade or ladder haircut. In these hairstyles, the haircut smoothly passes into the length of the hair and creates a special charm for the image of the woman.

Asymmetric bangs are a fashionable option for any hair type and length. Each hairstyle with such an elegant detail will only enhance your image of a gentle, romantic and sophisticated lady.