Almond gel nails, the most popular nail shapes in manicure

Almond gel nails, models and suggestions for a flawless manicure.

Midgdala type are one of the most popular nail shapes of the moment and we will see why. The shape, which resembles the fruit of the same name, is elegant, sophisticated and extremely elegant. As such, it is not. wonder why more and more women choose this shape for manicure.

If you have decided to opt for this type of manicure, we have prepared some trending models for you. From bright and bold models, to minimalist and subtle types.

In general, the almond shape stands out on long nails, but there are also models for short nails.

Our recommendations – Almond gel nails for a manicure of 10
Model short almond nails

Almond gel nails
Ombre style pattern

Almond gel nails
Almond short gel nails model, in neutral shadesAlmond gel nails Almond nail model in neutral shades, super elegant

Almond gel nails Model in shades of grayAlmond gel nails
Model in pastel shades

Almond gel nails

Gel nail model with geometric shapes

Almond gel nails

French model, extremely feminine

Almond gel nails

Minimalist model, with drawing decoration

Almond gel nails

Model with glitter, for shine

Almond gel nails

Almond nails are also more practical than pointed or stiletto nails, which make your nails look thinner.

Moreover, this shape is perfect for a wide variety of colors, patterns and decorations on the nails. More models:
Model in shades of white

Models in cheerful shades

Chrome model

Glitter pattern

Model with logo

Model with several shades

Marble gel nail model

Yin and Yang pattern

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