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Carre is a universal haircut, which has long had the reputation of an elegant hairstyle for a special woman: modest, restrained and well-educated. In addition, a woman’s short hair is identified with a strong character and a clear mind. Today we present you 5 hairdos worn by the heroines of famous movies – shy by nature, but strong inside.

Carre haircut with bangs

“Moscow does not believe in tears” is a famous Soviet film whose main characters will forever remain in our hearts. Do you remember the image of Katerina Tikhomirova, who later became the director of the chemical plant? Restrained, reasonable, calm, always polite and decent – that’s how Katya was. She also wore a bob haircut with milled bangs and always put it in curlers. The large curls that fell loosely over her face made her features gentle and soft.

Bob-carre haircut

In the French film “Amelie” – Audrey Tautou plays a shy but very kind and energetic girl. Her name is Amelie Poulin, she dreams of meeting true love and living with her for the rest of her life. The screenwriters portrayed the heroine as naive, modest and friendly in such a way that it was impossible to forget her image. The bob-carre haircut is Amelia’s calling card. The haircut looks really extraordinary, but at the same time restrained, which emphasizes the purity of the main character of the French film.

Ragged bob haircut

Nina from “Prisoner of the Caucasus” was a sarcastic and cheerful student at the Pedagogical Institute, but who always knew her worth and highlighted it. With her captors, Nina remained cold and invincible. The ragged haircut was ideal for this character – at the same time bold, but not exaggerated. It emphasized Nina’s captivation, but did not make her image vulgar. Pay attention to the shape of the actress’s face – it is oval with a sharp chin. It is the right shape for short haircuts.

Classic bob haircut with a side part

Jacqueline Kennedy is a woman who has been followed by the paparazzi all her life. So the status required Jackie to behave modestly, well-mannered and reserved.

The visual image of Jacqueline in the film also corresponds to the title of the first lady of America. So, in the movie “Jackie”, the screenwriters and directors took up the universal but feminine haircut of Natalie Portman – carre with a side part. It looks a little more interesting than the classic version, it does not look exaggerated and can be arranged in different ways. If you like to change your hairstyle, do not hesitate to choose this carre option.

Ultra short bob haircut with long bangs

Princess Diana is a legendary woman who always knew how to show herself in public. She was honest and benevolent with her subjects, strict but fair with her servants, and knew how to present herself beautifully. Her modesty, attitude and manners played an important role in the perception society created of her.

What haircut did Diana wear in the movie? Of course – carre. But not usual with an even path and thick bangs, but more original. So Lady Di always left her bangs long and combed to one side and did an easy side parting. The haircut added dynamism to her image and highlighted the sharp angular features of the princess’s face.

The reputation of a modest woman primarily helps to maintain her behavior, not her hairstyle. But appearance also plays an important role in the perception of a person’s personality. Don’t forget this the next time you make an appointment at the hairdresser!