70 Easy Easter Nail Art Ideas You Must Try

Easter is around the corner; Easter is about recreating and blooming aura that envelops us and makes us all younger and gives the inspirations to enjoy every moment of life. It is a time to exchange gifts and happiness with family and friends. Easter nail art designs include bunnies, chicks and various other Easter themed designs but you can recreate all of them and make more creative.

You can paint your nails with different bright pastel colors like pale yellow, lavender, baby pink, pale sky blue and peach, and draw an egg with white, decorate the egg with polka dots and stripes with pastel colors, chicken head poking out of the egg, and bunnies.

Here are 70 amazing Easter nail art ideas, try one of these festive beauty to make Easter even more fun.

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Easy Easter Nail Art Ideas

Unique Polka Dots, Foot Print With Bunny Nails
Queen Pastel Nails
Perfect Spring Nails
Neon Nails With Chicken
Matte Nails With Bunny
Marvelous Easter Bunny Nail Art
Long Easter Nails
Little Bunny With Carrots
Impressive Easter Nails
Glittery Acrylic Nails
Glamorous Pink Easter Nails
Fabulous Disney Easter Nails
Elegant Pink Nails
Disney Nail Art
Chic Easter Look
Bright Stripes Nails With Bunny
Awesome Bunny Painted On Long Nails
Artistic Bunny With Eggs
Alluring Pink Long Nails
Adorable Bunny With Egg
3 D Buny Nails
Aqua Bunny Easter Nail Designs
Beautiful Bunny Easter Nail Art
Blue Easter Nail Art
Bunny Easter Nails
Bunny Nails
Bunny with Carrort
Bunny On Golden Nails
Chicks Bunnies And Easter Egg
Colorful Bunny Nails
Crafty Ninja Easter Bunny Nails
Cute Aqua Bunny With Dots
Cute Bunnies
Cute Bunny And Egg Nails
Cute Bunny With Polka Dots
Cute Colorful Bunnies
Cute Easter Nails
Cute Egg and Easter Bunny on nails
Cute Pastel Egg Nail Art
Cute Peach Bunny
Cute Pink Bunny Easter Nails
Cute Shimmmer Nials
Cute Yellow Easter Nail Art
Easter Bunny NAil Art
Easter Bunny Nail Design
Easter Bunny Nails
Easter Bunny
Easter Egg Nails
Easter Fun Nail Art
Easter Nail Art
Easter's Day Cute Nail Art
Funny Bunny Pink Nails
Green Cute Bunny Nails
Innocent Bunny Hiding the Easter Eggs
Kall Easter Nails
Lovely Easter Bunny
Mickey Mouse Easter Nail Art Design
Mickey Mouse Easter Nails
Minions Easter Nail Art
Negative Space Bunny Nail Art Design
Pastel Easter Nails
Pastel Easter Spring Nail Art Design
Pink Bunny Nails
Pink Glitter Bunny Easter's Nails
Pink Glitter Bunny Nails
Pink Jumping Bunny Nails
Preety Easter Nails
Striped Easter Animals Nail Art
Textured Easter Nails
Yellow Happy Easter Nails

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