67 Photos: Fresh Nail Design Ideas for Spring

Nail designs are always changing, and every season new nail designs make their arrival. This Spring, you can go for the following nail designs.

1. A French manicure along with a soft flower on top of the nails. This design is perfect for an everyday type of look without too much attention to detail which is great for any mom who has a lot on her plate during the day.

2. A fresh spring twist on the classic white summer pedicure with a light pastel polish and just one floral accent nail at the end of each toe – that way your feet will be extra cute when you take off your socks at home in front of Netflix!

3. Neon colors! You don’t need to go straight to full neon nails, but adding some cool bright tones in unexpected spots like underneath or around your index finger will be enough to get everyone talking about your nails this season!