60 Elegant French Tip Nail For A Super Trendy Manicure (2022 Updated)

Hello, beautiful ladies.

Today we are talking about a very serious topic. French nail design. An iconic, classic trend that never goes out of style. French nails are classy and their versatility suits every girl and her preferences.

French nail is absolutely magical thanks to its design that is evolving through the years. Every design is unique and it keeps getting more and more beautiful. Let’s face it; French nail, manicure, and pedicure are the most common beauty treatment. French nail designs can be simple or you can choose designs with more colors, patterns the sky is the limit.

History of the French Tip Nail

Have you ever wondered how the French nail got its name or who invented the French nail?

First of all, here’s the shocking truth. French nail didn’t come from France or the invention of the French nail did not come from someone of the French nativity.

French nail is, actually, an American invention.

It is believed the French nails technique came from Max Factor in the 1930s. Then, the father of modern cosmetics invented the Frech nail look for the girls in Paris, for the fashionistas.

The term French nail manicure or French nail pedicure was first used in late 1978 by man Jeff Pink, founder of brand Orly, the company that revolutionized the nail industry.

French nails started to become more and more popular when Jeff created the first DIY French nail kit for the actresses in Hollywood. That kit was an instant hit.

The idea for the French nail kit was born when the director used to complain about how long the actress needs to change the nail color to suit the wardrobe. Because of that, Jeff invented a kit that suits every outfit. Jeff thought that natural color suits every outfit and looks elegant at the same time. And he was right!

Kit was called “Natural Look Nail Kit” and it contained fresh toned nail polish and white polish for the tip of the nails. Everyone was crazy about the kit. The directors loved it because the kit saved time and money while actresses appreciated the feminine, beautiful, and soft natural colors that look great with every outfit. Jeff started to call it “French manicure” in honor of his friends and models in Paris that started to wear his look in the runways. The rest is history.

60+ French Nail Design Ideas

Check out the hottest designs for French manicure and get inspired for your next nail appointment.

1. French Nail Tip Designs for the Summer

French Nail Tip Designs for the Summer 1
Image Source: @__i_nails__
French Nail Tip Designs for the Summer 2
Image Source: @g_studioo
French Nail Tip Designs for the Summer 3
Image Source: @curedbycourt
French Nail Tip Designs for the Summer 4
Image Source: @bethantaylorbeauty
French Nail Tip Designs for the Summer 5
Image Source: @_but.first.nails

Every summer nail appointments are fully booked, every girl wants to keep up with the latest trends and have impeccable nails when she’s at the beach or poolside. If you want to go beyond classic white French nails this summer the colors are in.

Step away from the white tip and introduce colors in your life. Nowadays every color is a trend from the soft tones, pastels to the electric tone of the neon shades.

Or you can think outside of the box and choose a mix of the pastels and the neon. Colors are girly, feminine they can be loud and at the same time, colors can be quiet and shy.

Another option is to use a different color on each nail e.g. yellow, violet, pink, green, red, etc. like a rainbow. If you love the attention, your nails with a rainbow design will be very eye-catching. Have fun with the design of your French nail.

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