6 varieties of the most popular hairstyle

A voluminous bob is a separate subspecies of a bob haircut, which was created by specialists especially for women who suffer from the problem of thin hair. So, gradient, bob on the leg, simple bob and other varieties specially adapted for thin hair. But later, such haircuts were also tried by women who have naturally thick hair. And today we decided to talk about the voluminous bob and its variations, which women with taste will definitely like.

You can add volume to a bob haircut with wavy curls. For this, fashionistas choose the plate, large curlers or a curling iron. It’s important to keep the waves loose, so it’s best to use a medium hold styler. Such a versatile and voluminous hairstyle can surround a woman with an aura of superiority and style.

The first type of voluminous bob is the one-legged bob, which is ideal for women who prefer elegant and beautiful haircuts. Here, the emphasis on volume is placed directly on the top of the head, and this effect is achieved directly due to the leg or cutting the hair at the bottom of the nape. At the same time, the rest of the bob remains longer. A voluminous bob haircut on the leg can be diversified with the help of one or another haircut, which will add a special look to your appearance.

Do you want to add a special representativeness and elegance to your image? Then we advise you to pay attention to the voluminous bob haircut, which is ideal for both young girls and older women. This haircut, thanks to the gradient, looks great on different types of faces. We recommend you dilute this haircut with elegant bangs.

Sometimes you want to bring something new and creative to your image. In this case, a beautiful and elegant haircut helps. An elongated voluminous bob is the perfect solution for those ladies who want to refresh their look. Thanks to the high nape, the hair here will get an interesting shape and volume, which is so lacking for women with thin hair.

An asymmetrical bob is a great option for those ladies who want to not only refresh their look, but also make it even more fashionable. Asymmetry looks great on almost any type of face, especially if you complement it, for example, with elongated bangs. Another advantage of an asymmetrical bob is an ideal opportunity to make your hair more voluminous.

A voluminous bob without bangs looks quite interesting, but it is not suitable for all women. Therefore, we suggest you take a closer look at the bob, which is decorated with bangs.

A voluminous bob haircut is the most ideal option for girls who have fine hair structure. If you want beautiful and chic hair, then choose a bob haircut, you will definitely never be disappointed. And don’t forget, the bob will always be in trend!