57 Ideas for Halloween Nails That Are Scary-Good

Halloween costumes definitely come in various levels of commitment. We’ve got the plan-ahead group that knows a whole 11 months prior what their theme is, the creative crafters who get to work two months ahead of time, and the 10-minutes-before-leaving-the-house crew. But, did you know there’s a whole other group of Halloween goers? The nail artist-obsessed friends. Now, you might think that a costume takes more planning than nails, but once you see this collection of intricate and beautiful designs, you’ll realize that they’re a total work of art in their own right — taking painstaking effort.

Even if you’re skipping the Halloween makeup, why not take a spooky self-care break to paint some cute ghosties, candy-corn stripes, or black cats on your nails? Luckily, countless nail artists on Instagram are equally enthused about the eerie magic October 31, with some serving spider-webbed French tips, sleek orange-and-black designs, and candy-corn stripes, while others offer up oozing blood drips and skillful homages to pop culture’s scariest serial killers.

Whether or not you’re heading to the nail salon to get your digits done for Halloween, you can use these creators’ looks for inspiration. And, as always, you can give them your own twist, too, if you feel like adding your personal touch. These fun manicure ideas can stand on their own if you’re not dressing up or serve as an awesome enhancement to your costume and scary Halloween makeup. Here are the coolest ways to wear your Halloween spirit on your fingertips in 2022.