55+ Heart Nails Designs For A Sleek Manicure |

Although heart nails are super popular around Valentine’s Day, they’re actually trendy year-round. There are so many variations of manicures with hearts that you can’t go wrong.

In fact, you’ll see everything from pastels to deep winter tones and nude manicures below. All of these manicures incorporate hearts in some way; some are more obvious while others are more subtle.

There are a few specific trends I’m loving when it comes to heart nails right now.

The biggest heart nail trends right now are:

Heart Nail Tips. Reverse French tips are super in, but making these tips into the shape of a heart is even a step further. You’ll see lots of these inspo photos below!

Tiny Heart Accents. I love adding a small heart, or even a few tiny hearts, onto otherwise sleek and simple nails. These can be perfectly shaped hearts, or hand-drawn hearts, which is my personal favorite.

Heart Accent Nails. I personally love a manicure where each and every nail is different. Some of the inspiration photos below feature gorgeous nails with varied tips and heart accents.

How To Do Heart Nails:

These nails are all pretty tricky to do at home.

If you do want to take a stab at them, I recommend getting stick-on nails from Etsy. There are some seriously cute options on there for affordable prices!

Click here to check out all different types of heart nails on Etsy.

Otherwise, you’ll have to find a technician that can do these designs. Make sure you ask beforehand because some of them are pretty complicated!

Pink With Small Hearts


Red Heart Tips


Abstract Drawing Heart


Pink Hearts On Clear Nails


Black Hearts & Geometric Tips


Red & White Heart Design


Pink With Varied Red Hearts


xoxo Heart Drawings


Pastel Hearts On Clear Polish


Bulky Pink Hearts


Nude/Pink With Black Heart Accent


Periwinkle & Nude Heart Design


Pastel Heart Tips


Small Red Heart Tips


Red Hearts With Accent Nail


Matte Pink With Red Hearts


Pink/Nude Split Heart Nails


Semi-Sheer Polish With Heart Accents


Barbie Pink With Black Hearts


Soft Opal With Red Heart Accents


Dark Nude With Black Hearts


Pink With Red Heart Base


Black Heart Accent


Polka-Dot Hearts


Bright Red Heart Tips


Pink Design With Heart Accent


XOXO Pink, Red, & Black


Abstract Design With White Hearts


Clear With Black Hearts


Black Nails With Cutout Hearts


Maroon Nails With Cutout Hearts


Red Stiletto Nails With Pink Hearts


Black Heart Tips With Silver Heart Accents


Shimmer Pastel Hearts On Acrylics


Red Hearts With Red Tips


Pink & Purple Shiny Hearts


Pastel Nails With Heart Accents


Sheer White With Red Hearts


Nude With Red Heart Accents


Nude With Single Heart Accent


White Heart Tips


Black Hearts With Rounded Tips


Trippy Heart Design


Matte Shades with Stick On Hearts


Pink With Shimmer Heart Accent Nail


Coffin Nails With Hearts & Swirls


Dark Red Heart Tips


Turtle Print With Hearts


Pastel Heart Tips


Shades Of Red & Pink


Short Pastel Tips