50 hairstyles recommended for women over 40

The short bob haircut is surprisingly popular around the world, great for women over 40.

After all, a bob haircut will always look solid and attractive, and the different options for performing this type of haircut will allow any woman to choose the desired model.

In this article, we have collected 50 examples of bob haircuts for short hair to get inspired!

Characteristics of the bob haircut

The most important feature of this haircut is its ability to transform. All women in the world are different, because each person has an individual taste and style. Likewise, the bob haircut cannot be absolutely identical.

A skilled craftsman always knows how to make a perfect bob haircut for you so that such a hairstyle suits your face shape as much as possible.

Therefore, if you decide to go to the hairdresser with a friend and get the same haircut, they can be different depending on the face type and the condition of the hair.

Bob haircuts are a voluminous hairstyle with a specific shape, thanks to the long side strands and the short nape.

Types of bob haircuts:

1. Long bean;
2. Bob with extension;
3. Asymmetric bob;
4. Textured bean;
5. Classic bob;
6. Layered bob.

Short bob haircut without bangs

Currently, the bob haircut for short hair is in vogue, as it perfectly helps to visually rejuvenate the face, by two or three years!

But for thin and weak hair, a real salvation will be the choice of a bob haircut in a multi-layered design. This method will give your hair more volume, and a new, lively look.

Another great option is the bob cut with extensions. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the shaved occipital part and the possibility of dyeing your hair in a non-standard color.

The classic bob, which will never go out of style, is the perfect choice for women with thin necks and sophisticated facial features.

Short bob haircut with bangs

Even if it seems strange, but to highlight the eyes, masters advise to make a bob haircut with bangs. Because the bangs completely or partially cover the forehead, which allows you to create a livelier look.

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Here it is important to choose the right haircut of the bangs themselves, making them more modern or vice versa, giving them a classic look.

The classic bob haircut with bangs is the perfect option for young ladies and women over 40. The classic bob gives the face a special femininity and simplifies too harsh facial features.

An excellent option would be to make a fashionable dyeing to such a haircut. For young ladies, an asymmetric version of the haircut will suit, as well as a textured bob.

The most important thing to remember! Straighter bangs in combination with a bob cut give your face a certain intrigue and mystery. A textured version will be able to simplify the sharp features of the face, and the slanted or torn bangs will give femininity to the haircut.