50+ Gorgeous Gold Nails To Get At Your Next Manicure

Growing up as a nail biter, my nails always looked terrible. It was not until late 2014 to early 2015 when I finally stopped biting and taking care of them, but at that time I only knew how to do ONE kind of manicure: the solid color French manicure (with pink and white tips).

I finally discovered the world of nail art and how much more you can do with nails. I was shocked to find how you can create designs using a bunch of different colors, glitter, rhinestones, etc – basically anything that is “decorative” can be put on your nails!

During this time I discovered one of my all-time favorite nail colors: gold nail polish!

Gold might not be the most obvious nail color, but I wanted something different. I decided to buy a gold color that was not too yellow or too orange – just perfect. And let me tell you – gold nails really changed the game for me.