5 hairstyles that women with status choose

To look expensive and luxurious, you can not save on yourself. True, not all women can afford to use the services of expensive makeup and hairstylists.

A rich woman cares not so much about designer clothes, but about well-groomed hair and impeccable hairstyles. Therefore, it is easy to single out a successful and rich lady in the crowd: you just have to look at her hairstyle.

Rich ladies, wanting to give the image elegance and aristocracy, prefer a hairstyle in the form of a bun with finely combed hair. With such a hairstyle, you can demonstrate chiseled facial features, well-groomed skin, emphasize the grace of a long neck and beautiful shoulders. Famous movie stars and famous billionaires prefer this simple but memorable hairstyle.

Recently, the retro style has become incredibly popular not only in clothes, but also in hairstyles. If we go back to the 60s of the last century, then the rich and famous beauties of the time gravitated towards short haircuts with ruffles, in the form of wavy ends and lush bouffants that give the hairstyle extra volume.

For medium length hair, women of status prefer to make a low ponytail. Despite the simplicity of the hairstyle, it looks very elegant on a woman. Its popularity among luxury ladies is explained by the ability to freely demonstrate expensive jewelry: a diamond necklace, earrings, emphasizing a laconic expensive image.

Such hairstyles are relevant for most business women. They emphasize the status, efficiency and restraint of a lady who is used to always and in everything being on top. Business style, hair combed back, eyes open as much as possible – makes others pay attention to the impeccable manners and behavior of a luxurious lady.

Hairstyles in these cases look so impressive and expensive that they immediately convey the high status of their owner. Usually, such a hairstyle is worn with an expensive and stylish branded headband.

The hairstyles that rich and luxurious women choose for themselves are not so difficult to create. However, well-groomed and healthy hair makes them elegant and beautiful.