5 haircuts that will benefit your thin hair and make it unrecognizable!

We can only agree that every woman dreams of thick, voluminous hair and that in the morning just run the comb through their hair and in 5 minutes they have an impeccable look. But women who have thin hair that lacks volume must spend at least an hour on styling their hair, and unfortunately, by noon, the efforts of the morning will seem in vain, as the hair returns to its original state.

However, hairdressers know a secret: there are several haircuts of different lengths that will help fine hair gain volume without the need for styling.

Haircut with ragged ends

This trend of the 90s is back in fashion to save all owners of thin hair. “Torn” ends look especially good if they are done on dry hair or with hot scissors. The air and volume of thin hair are given by strands of different lengths, a heterogeneous contour, milled ends. Another advantage of this haircut is that it can be done on different lengths of hair.

Bob haircut

Many people think that the bob haircut will suit people with thick hair better because the classic bob haircut means short and smooth strands. How can thin hair be made more voluminous with this haircut? This does not force you to cut your hair very short. Hair length can be along the jaw line or even longer. And how many styles you can think of with this haircut…

It is important to contact a qualified hairdresser – who will advise you on a suitable haircut that will emphasize the volume of your hair. This works especially when the hair at the back is noticeably shorter than the strands at the front.

Pixie haircut

This is already a bold step for many, one might say a sacrifice. After all, the entire length of the hair passes under the master’s scissors. However, for people with thin and limp hair, this hairstyle is a lifesaver. The splendor is provided by the lightness of short strands. For basal volume, just tousle the hair a little and use a little setting powder. Choosing a more special color will look impressive with such a haircut – thin strands of hair, in the presence of light, will look very expressive.

Waterfall haircut

Remember Rachel from Friends? Here’s an example of a cascade on thin, smooth hair. And you don’t have to make the sacrifice of cutting your hair if you don’t want to – the cascade is suitable for any length.

The volume in this haircut is achieved thanks to the layering and the “broken” edge. And it’s not necessary to wear your hair straight all the time – with curls, the cascade will look just as good!

Shaggy haircut

This is similar to the waterfall haircut, which has also found popularity among people who have thin hair without volume. The haircut is deliberately sloppy, multi-level, very free, which allows you not to waste time on styling.

This does not mean that your head will look sloppy. On the contrary, this hairstyle can look very sophisticated, and some loose curls will emphasize the volume of the hair.