5 haircuts that look beautiful even without styling

We live in a time where time is very precious. This is why many women choose haircuts that do not require much time to arrange. If time matters to you too, then see below 5 haircuts that will save it.

The shaggy shaggy haircut captivates with its lightness. If the craftsman executed it correctly, it will keep its shape well even without styling.

If the strands are crumpled during sleep, in the morning they can only be slightly moistened, form individual strands with tightening movements, spray with varnish and voila – you can run to work.

If you are not used to giving your hair more than 5-10 minutes, it will be enough to gently twist individual strands and, if you wish, add basal volume. With wavy or curly hair, it will be even easier. On it, shaggy will look amazing even without styling.

Gavroche is a short haircut that is easiest to style with a round brush. By the way, the bangs here must be arranged with brushing, but only setting its direction and not creating excessive volume.

Short hair requires less time and effort to style, so a stylish pixie is a must-have haircut in our selection. It can be arranged with the brushing brush in just 10 minutes. And you get a luxurious hairstyle.

And to add a bold look, you can tousle your hair with your hands and apply hairspray.

A choppy bob doesn’t have to look perfect like the classic version of this haircut. Strands sticking out in different directions, slight neglect and, as if by chance, a tousled crown.

To achieve the effect of natural styling, it is easier to curl the individual strands with the hair plate and then gently tousle them with your hands.

If you have naturally straight hair, a long bob won’t require any special styling tricks. However, in the case of a not too uniform texture of the strands, you will have to use a hair plate.

Alternatively, you can style your hair with a brush to achieve a smooth and voluminous hairstyle.

Choose any of the haircuts we have proposed and you will not waste time on arrangements, in addition you will look stylish.