5 fresh and trendy haircut ideas for medium hair

Short haircuts are a flawless and elegant trend, but some ladies love longer haircuts. This year, a lot of fashionable novelties have appeared that allow you to create a beautiful and original image. Also in trend are the usual classic medium haircuts without bangs, with which the lady always looks fresh and young.

Long bob haircut without bangs

The classic bob is held in high esteem, but for lovers of medium haircuts, options such as an elongated hairstyle without bangs are more suitable. This shape guarantees that you will look charming and your hair will become voluminous and airy again.

Medium cascade haircut without bangs

Cascade is a super trendy and always asked for haircut that can be done on any length of hair. A cascade without bangs looks more impressive on medium hair. Thus, you can significantly increase the volume even if you have thin hair. Also, the cascade without bangs is famous for the fact that it is very easy to do, even without a great variety of styling.

Layered haircut for medium hair without bangs

Simple ladder haircut will never lose its relevance, without bangs can easily reset a lady’s look and remove a few extra years. The main essence of the scale is to make a beautiful transition from the longest hair to the shortest, which ultimately allows the hair to frame the lady’s face and hide the flaws.

Mullet haircut without bangs

One of the spectacular haircuts for medium hair that has been long forgotten and has been given another chance is the mullet. The main feature is the long strands at the back of the head and the very short ones at the temples. Also, a cardinal disagreement looks very interesting in the image of a lady. Stylists call the hairstyle the main trend of the year.

Flip – a fashionable novelty for medium hair without bangs

The most interesting novelty in haircuts for medium hair without bangs is the flip. This has been back in fashion since the 60’s and has once again been given the opportunity to become very popular. This haircut has already been tried by J. Lo, Cardi B and Kim Kardashian. The haircut is great for thin and lifeless hair, a haircut will easily update it and make it more voluminous.

Medium haircuts without bangs are suitable for those ladies who do not like too short hairstyles. The presented options have become the main hit of this year, which will allow fashionistas to create a fashionable look.

Which medium haircut without bangs did you like best? Tell us about it in the comments!

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