5 Easy Ways To Fix A Broken Nail At Home

Nothing is worse than having to book your manicurist just for one broken nail. The process itself is not pricey, but it can definitely be time-consuming. Think about it.

When you break your nail, you have to make an appointment, drive yourself there & back; just to spend 10 minutes at a salon! It won’t take your nail tech more than 10 minutes to do either acrylics, gels, or a simple extension just for one nail.

Fixing one nail doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, you can do this on your own! Here, we will present the top 5 ways on how you can fix your broken nail from the comfort of your home. Keep on reading and find out how to save that broken nail!

Top 5 Ways That Will Help You Fix Your Broken Nail

Use Glue

Use the Glue

If you are experiencing a slight split of the nail and you want to fix it, this is the right approach. Completely broken off nails will need some special care and a more tactical approach. This method, however, will help with a slight split + it is easy to do since everyone has glue in their household.