5 anti-trends in hair dyeing!

It’s never too late to change your look. But how to do it so that you are fashionable? Avoid anti-trend hair dyeing techniques! See how you don’t have to dye your hair this year!

There is a fine line here: full hair coloring is back in fashion to replace strands, but it must be with an imitation of the natural texture of the hair. Absolutely “flat” color is an anti-trend in 2022.

Do you want to be fashionable?

Opt for a natural shade or opt for a uniform coloring.

The main anti-trend here is creating absolutely the same effect for everyone: an even transition and unnatural cold shades like ash. In the picture – an excellent work of a professional, which, unfortunately, you can no longer recognize from thousands of the same kind.

Try something new:

– Accentuates the bangs, giving them a lighter shade.
– Opt for less common shades, such as pastel lavender, peach, mint, light blue.

In this case, the shape is the haircut, and the content is the color and coloring effects. If it involves special effects, highlights, separate blocks, then correctly complement the content with the form. Otherwise, you will get the main anti-trend related to hair dyeing.

We offer you options for fashionable hair coloring techniques:

– uniform color (with natural imitation) is combined with graphic haircuts;
– partial dyeing (for example, highlighted bangs), requires emphasizing the shape – say, short strands, like in the 90s.

This is an anti-trend both in terms of style, textures and coloring. Previously, masters often added lighter strands as a shade for a volume effect. But this must not be done in 2022.

What’s trending:

Now the local volume is requested, we strive to highlight the frontal area, the bangs area.

Don’t do it, especially if you have dark hair.