45+ Gel Nail Design Ideas For Summer

Gel nails are in trend in summers. They are unique and different from the acrylic nails. Gel nail is the best option to artificial nails. An artificial nail can badly damage to your own nail whereas gel nails don’t do that. The best part of gel nails is that not only hold better but they help to strengthen your real nails.

The Acrylic nails can demage your natural nail while gels are a nail enhancement. After applying gel nails you get classic and exclusive look and feel more confident. Pick the best shiniest gel nail art when you dress up to look gorgeous!

Gel Nail Design Ideas For Summer

1) Amazing green almond gel nails via

2) Baby pink short gel nails with black flower via

3) Beautiful red gal nails with roses via

4) Beige stiletto glitter gel nails via

5) Black marble with orange gel nails via

6) Blue and white ombre gal nails with golden glitter via

7) Blue marble gel nails with swarovski crystals via

8) Bright orange almond gel nails via

9) Bright pink and white marble gel nails via

10) Cool peach gel nails via

11) Cute coral red almond gel nails via

12) Dashing red and black gel nails via

13) Dazzling olive green and white ombre nails with leaf via

14) Dull blue square gel nails via

15) Dull pink mirror gel nails via

16) Elegant transparent gel nails with blue and yellow french tips via

17) Funky colorful with black base gel nails via

18) Glamorous red and black polka dots gel nails via

19) Gorgeous pink almond gel nails with golden glitter via

20) Impressive turquoise blue and white gel nails for summer via

21) Lemon and violet long gel nails via

22) Light blue gel nails via

23) Lilac gray coffin gel nails via

24) Lovely mint green and dark green gel nails via

25) Maroon almond shape gel nails with swarovski crystal via

26) Mint gel nails with leopard via

27) Modish turquoise gel nails via

28) Mustard yellow gel nails with golden stripe via

29) Navy blue stiletto gel nails via

30) Neon gel nails with black rose via

31) Nice pink ombre glitter gel nails via

32) Pink and purple gel nails with flower via

33) Pink and white ombre gel nails with glitter via

34) Pretty chocolate brown gel nails via

35) Purple gel nails with black dots via

36) Ravishing royal blue gel nails

37) Red and black stiletto gel nails via

38) Rocking red stiletto gel nails with glitter via

39) Shades of brown in gel nail paint via

40) Simple orange gel nails via

41) Swanky baby pink stiletto gel nails via

42) Trendy colorful short gel nails via

43) Violet gel nails with glitter via

44) White gel nails with black stripes, dots and cross via

45) Wonderful blue gradient gel nails with palm tree via

46) Yellow gel nails with floral nails via