45+ Examples Of Ultra-Trendy Cow Print Nails |

Cow print nails are all the rage right now! Although they were made famous with the classic black and white look, cow print nails are now famous in a wide variety of colors.

However, cow print nails are pretty tough to do! Many nail technicians don’t know how to do them yet, so you need to be prepared if you want a cow print manicure.

If you want your cow print nails to look absolutely perfect, I recommend looking for stick-on nails on Etsy. They’re super high quality and last much longer than drugstore brands.

The cow print nails are especially cute and affordable!

Alternatively, you can call ahead and ask your nail technician if they’re able to accomplish a cow print manicure. You should definitely let your salon know ahead of time, because some of these manicures can take twice as long.

If you really want to give cow print nails a try at home, I recommend getting a nail design kit and giving yourself some time to experiment.

Cow Print Nail Inspiration:

Here are some of the prettiest cow print manicures right now!

Styles change very quickly, so I’ll update this post every few months to add in some of my newest favorite manicures.

Brown & White Cow Nail Accents

Clear Cow Nail Design


Pink With Cow Nail Tips


 Nude & Black Design


White With Brown Accents