45+ Edgy Goth & Grunge Black Nails For A Dramatic Look |

Grunge is back with a bang. Everything grunge is a staple of the 90’s and was first made popular by bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. At first, grunge was a small subculture, but right now the grunge look is everywhere.

Not only are grunge outfits super in, but even grunge nails are popular. I always love a slightly edgy manicure and grunge nails definitely fit that bill!

How To Do Grunge Nail Art:

If you’re into design, you can do grunge nail art at home. You’ll need a variety of tools, so I recommend purchasing a set of nail brushes, plus whatever colors you want to use.

You’ll definitely need to plan out your manicure before diving in. There are many different ways you can do grunge nails, so it’s much easier if you pick a style before you start.

There are also some great stick-on grunge nails available on Etsy. This is where I purchase all of my stick-on nails because they’re high quality and tend to last for a while. Plus, they look super real!

Otherwise, you’ll want to check with your nail technician to be sure they can accomplish the design you’re looking for. Every grunge nail design is unique and requires various techniques.

Grunge Nail Art:

Here are 40+ of the coolest grunge nail art manicures. These are the photos I’m using for inspiration right now.

Feel free to save any of these photos to your phone for later! Just press down then click save to camera roll.

Black Razor Tips

Black Accent Tip

Ombre Grunge Nails

Edgy Smiley Nails

Black & White Pattern

Red To Black Ombre

Tattoo Design

Hands On White Accent Nails

Nude Accent Nail

Black Fire Design

Smileys & Frowns

Snake Design On Clear Nails

Black With Abstract Accents

Black And White Xs

Black & White Fire Tips

Geometric Design

Various Accent Nail Designs

Abstract Dalmatian Design

Split tips

Crosses & Fire

Death Design

Cross-Tip Accent

Fire Accent Tips

Halloween Design

Pagan Design

Geometric White Accents

Moon & Star Design Accents

Black & White Geometric Tips

Sparkle Grunge Nails

Black Shape Tips

Fire Design On Nude Nails

Drawn Smileys

Black, White, & Red

Comic Art

Black Tips Over Pink

Black With Red Smiley Accent

Black Geometric Coffin Tip Acrylics

Spider Design

Skull & Crossbones

Geometric Marble Accent

White Smiley Accent

Amor Accents

Shimmer Grunge Nails

WTF Cross Accents