40+ Examples Of Grey & Silver Nails For A Cool Manicure |

Cooler nail and hair colors are in, so grey and silver manicures are ultra-popular right now!

I really love silver manicures because they’re sleek and understated but are still interested. Grey manicures are also great, especially when you want to add a design.

You can get almost any of these manicures done at your salon, but you should check ahead of time to make sure your salon carries the specific color that you want, especially if you’re doing a silver shade.

For example, I like to do dip nails at my salon, but they don’t carry a silver color (only grey). I purchased my own dip powder in silver online and I was good to go!

Otherwise, you can do your nails at home. I recommend using Nails Inc. polish from Sephora unless you’re doing gel nails, in which case you can find lots of affordable gel polish colors on Amazon.

Etsy also has some great stick on nails! They’re high quality and last much longer than drugstore brands.

Check out the silver nails and grey nails on Etsy.

Silver & Grey Nails:

Here are some of my favorite silver and grey manicures!

Trends change super quickly, so I’ll update this post every few months with new looks. Enjoy!

Silver Ombre

Matte With Jewels


Silver-Purple With Sparkles


Square Sparkle Nails


Designer Grey


Silver Shimmer


Shades Of Grey


Grey With Sparkles


Light Grey Marble


Silver Variants 


Silver & Blue


Neutral Shades


Geometric Silver


Nude Silver Grey


Ombre Silver With Sparkles


Clear Sparkle Accents 


Marble & Sparkle


Sparkle Lines


Matte Grey


Silver Tips


Grey & Black


Nude With Sparkles


Light Silver Shimmer


Nude-Silver Shimmer


Dark Grey With Sparkles


Silver Accents


Silver & Grey


Grey-White Ombre


Silver Sparkle Accent


Silver & White Marble


Silver & Grey Coffin


Silver & Marble


Rhinestone Flowers


Blue Grey With Accents


Shades Of Grey Marble


Grey & Pink Matte Design


Grey & Nude Swirls


Blue Grey & White Marble


Grey With Ombre Sparkle Design


Grey Floral Tips


Metallic Marble Manicure


White/Grey & Gold Marble


Metallic With White Marble Accents