40+ Beautiful Purple Nails Inspiration Photos + Trends |

Anyone who follows my blog knows how much I love nail inspiration. Nail trends change surprisingly fast, so I try to keep up with the latest styles here.

Today I decided to step out of my element and write a post about purple nails. 

I generally don’t choose to do purple nails very often because they’re hard to do in a classy way, but some of these inspiration photos definitely changed my mind!

Here are 50+ purple nails inspiration photos, including everything from a super light lilac to dark purple colors.

Purple Nail Trends:

Although I love purple nails all the time, nail trends actually do change according to the color and year.

Some of my favorite purple nail trends are:

  • Multi-Colored Nails (especially each finger a different shade of purple)
  • Marble Designs
  • Butterflies
  • Flower Designs
  • Purple Tips
  • Purple Ombre
  • Cloud Designs

Purple Nails Inspiration:

Here are some of my favorite purple nail manicures. Feel free to save any of these photos for later!

Just press down then click save to camera roll. Enjoy!

Gold & Purple Marble

Silver & Purple Swirl

Clouds & Butterflies

Purple Mermaid Nails

Clear Butterfly Design

Speckled Accents

Purple Ombre

Multi-Colored Shades

I love multi-colored nails (one on each finger) and this combo of white, pink, and purple nails is just too cute.


This is a fun, happy purple color that would cheer anyone up.

Multi-Colored With Sparkles

Again, I’m obsessed with different colored nails on each finger, but I especially love these sparkly purple nails. They’re classy and trendy at the same time!

Muted Purple

This is a mauve purple color that’s super understated and upscale.

Dark Muted Purple

These dark purple nails are perfect for the colder months and definitely go on my winter nails list.

Light Purple

Muted Light Purple

Blue Purple

This is a deep periwinkle color that is so unique and gorgeous.

Super Soft Purple

Muted Shades Of Purple

I love how these nails are not only slightly different shades but have just a bit of sparkle. Everything about these purple nails is understated yet stunning!

Light Purple

Light Periwinkle

Bright Shades Of Purple

Shimmery Purple

Double Accents

Accents With Silver

Pale White-Lilac

I actually found this nails inspiration photo under bridal nails. It would be so cool to do super light purple nails for a wedding, but these nails are super gorgeous any day.

Soft Lilac With Beads

Bright Purple

Soft Purple

True Purple

These shimmery nails remind me of fairies and fairy-tales. 

This is a great Easter nail color, but it’s honestly beautiful any time of the year! You could do it shiny or matte for extra oopmh.

I’m loving ombre nails lately, and these purple ombre nails are especially cool for any event or party.

‘These nails are so darling! I’m thinking these daisies are stickers that you can buy, but you’ll want to finish your nails with a top coat to seal everything in.

This design is so cool. These are most likely press-on nails or are done professionally (I mean come on, these look super difficult) but I personally think it’s worth it!

I’m thinking these are stick on nails or professionally done as well. These flowers are so intricate, but are definitely something I want to try!