4 voluminous haircuts that will be in vogue in the 2022/2023 season

Modern trends, although they give us the opportunity to create the most comfortable images, do not let us forget about femininity. Volumetric hairstyles are some of the Czech elements of a beautiful and feminine image. In order not to make a mistake in choosing a haircut, check the most popular options that will make you look attractive and incredibly chic this year.

1 classic cob

Bob is now at the peak of popularity! Every season stylists offer new techniques for its performance, but the very essence remains the same. The success of this haircut lies in its versatility, practicality and chic volume. A classic bob with long bangs, a short crown and long strands near the front is the perfect solution for women of any age. Bob goes perfectly in waves – curls look great and feminine in a casual and formal look.

2 Traditional Carre

In the most classic haircut of all time, stylists offer to make some changes. Strict and clear lines give way to graceful waves. So the hairstyle looks much more voluminous and expressive. Bangs are a mandatory attribute of a carre this season. It is necessary to choose a correct shape, focusing on the features of the face.

3 The elegant haircut

To get a voluminous hairstyle, you don’t need any special tricks if you have a session haircut. It is made by a special method and the cutting technique is original, a certain cutting angle is observed. This allows you to create the effect of layering strands and incredibly luxurious volume. Session lines are rounded. The back strands are longer than the front ones, the tips look inwards.

4 Strict page

Another haircut with rounded shapes, which is distinguished by a smooth transition of strands into bangs. If the neck is beautiful, the page will allow you to demonstrate it. The page is the best choice for females who need to hide defective ears. The page is laid out very simply, therefore it does not cause problems for its owner.

Retro style is very relevant now, so if you want to change your image, pay attention to volumetric hairstyles. Do not forget that, in addition to trends, you must rely on your face type, its features and your age. Everything must be in harmony! In addition, it is important that the hairstyle does not take much time, because time is always short in the modern world.