39 photos of stylish haircuts after 40

Unfortunately, not every lady can boast of thick and thick hair. And the older we get, the more hair problems we have. But we found a quite simple solution!

It is enough to make a stylish haircut that will add volume to your hair and create a new image that will make you stand out from the crowd!

Here we present to you a list of the hottest haircuts for women after 40 that will easily transform your look for the better!


Pixie is a short haircut that has been in trend for many years. She is chosen by brave women who are not afraid to experiment and feel the attention of others.

Indeed, with this haircut, everyone will look at you with admiration. Especially if you add a nice color to it.

Miraculously, the pixie cut is able to add volume to the hair, especially if you lift the crown and bangs slightly during the next hairstyle.


The Bob haircut is an ideal solution for thin hair that lacks volume. That’s why more and more women resort to this haircut who are over 40 years old. In addition, a beautiful arrangement of this haircut can rejuvenate your face by at least 5 years.

Ladies who think that the standard volume of the bob haircut is small anyway, can try to add it by lifting the nape and crown of the head with the help of styling tools.

Carre on the leg

If you are a lover of classic and moderate style, we suggest you to try to make carre on the leg, which is still in trend among ladies over 40 with sparse and thin hair.

But do not forget that this classic haircut has also changed somewhat. Therefore, if you want to be in step with fashion, definitely add a touch of light carelessness and asymmetrical curls.

Oblong bob

The elongated bob haircut already refers to the average length of the hair and differs from the classic bob by the strands that reach just below the chin.

Such a haircut can slightly narrow the contours of your face and also add volume to your hair.

It is a perfect option for women who are over 40 years old and want to create a unique style for their outfit.

Carre and the waterfall haircut

Carre and cascading haircuts are great solutions to give your hair extra volume.

They are also perfect for fair sex with curly hair. And the volume itself can be achieved, as in the previous options, with the help of hairstyles, with an emphasis on the nape, crown of the head and bangs.

Haircuts in stairs

Haircuts in ladders are excellent options for those women who do not dare to say goodbye to long hair, but at the same time want to get a voluminous and elegant hairstyle.

By adding an elegant color to these haircut options, you can get, in addition to volume, a rejuvenating effect that will help you easily “get rid” of a few extra years.

We recommend that you pay special attention to the bangs, which can be straight, asymmetrical or torn, but necessarily voluminous, as is your haircut.

Which option did you like best? Write us in the comments!