39 Cute French Tip Nails That Put A Modern Twist On The Classic

re you looking for cute French tip nails to put a modern twist on a classic French manicure? If so, keep reading to discover unique and colorful ideas for your next nail set! 

Colorful French tip nails are somewhat of an unexpected trend that has been taking social media by storm. At the same time, the trend makes complete sense. After all, much like clothing, nails are one of the ways to express your personality and inject a little color into your life.

Don’t get us wrong, you can never go wrong with a timeless French mani, but if you feel like it lacks creativity, why not add a few eye-catching details such as rhinestones, pearls, or a gradient color scheme? There are so many interesting designs to choose from, so why not try something different?

Below, we’ve featured 50 of our favorite French tip nail ideas, ranging from simple ones with just one shade to more elaborate ones with lots of glitter, prints and multiple colors. Most of these nails are directly shoppable via Etsy, so if you find a design that you love, head over there to support the small business!

Let’s get started, shall we?