35+ Yellow Nails Designs For A Sunny Manicure |

Yellow nails are just so happy. While I generally enjoy darker, muted colors in the winter, once spring and summer hit, I absolutely love a yellow manicure!

However, really intricate designs are popular right now. This means that yellow can be incorporated into a manicure so many different ways.

I love a classic square manicure, but I also love some of the more intricate designs.

Yellow Manicure Trends This Year:

There are a few trends that go really well with yellow nails. You will see all of these trends in the inspiration photos below!

Butterfly Nails. These designs are so cute because who doesn’t love butterflies? However, I especially enjoy them on yellow nails. Butterfly nail designs can be super subtle or more aggressive; see below for examples.

Accent Nails. One or two nails that have a different design seem to be really popular with the color yellow. You can do an accent nail in a geometric pattern, flower design, or even a cute fruit.

Pastel Colors. I always love pastel nails, but I’m especially partial to yellow. When you have a yellow pastel manicure, it doesn’t really feel like spring for some reason. In fact, pastel yellow works well during every season.

Ombre Nails. These ombre nail designs aren’t going out of style anytime soon! I really love yellow to nude ombre nails, but there are so many variations.

Reverse Tips. I’m seeing colored tips with nude nails more and more this year. I especially love pastel yellow tips, but I included a variety of shades below.

Yellow Nails Inspiration:

Here are 30+ of the prettiest yellow nail manicures. These are the photos I’m using for inspiration right now.

Feel free to save any of these photos to your phone for later! Just press down then click save to camera roll.

Shimmer Accent

Fruit Accent


Ombre With Bling

Hawaiian Flower Accent

Nude Star Accents

Soft Coffin Yellow

Star & Moon Accents

Watercolor Abstract Accent

Horizontal Stripe Design

Soft Pastel Yellow

Bright Flower Accent

Soft Yellow Tips

Sunflower Ombre

Deep Mustard

Orange Accent With Yellow

Delicate Leaf Design

Neon Yellow Ombre

Soft Yellow With Designer Accent

Yellow & White

Yellow Ombre Tips

Pastel Yellow Color

Shades Of Neon Yellow

Textured Yellow Tips

Daisy Accents

Daisy Design With Yellow Tips

Single Clear Accent

Butterflies With Yellow Tips

Soft Pink Accent With Design