35+ Flower Nails Designs For Delicate, Abstract Nails |

Flower nails are super trendy right now. Whether you’re incorporating a small floral design or drawing large flowers on each nail, you can be sure that your nails will be super edgy.

I personally love flower nails! I find that they’re very delicate but abstract. They all a special something to any manicure without being too girly. Plus, there are so many types of flowers you can do.

Today, I’m sharing my favorite flower nail designs for inspiration. These nails work for all seasons, although you’ll notice that some veer towards a specific time of year. However, you can always change up the color and design to make the manicure style your own.

Trendy Flower Designs Right Now:

Although flowers in general are trendy on nails, there are a few specific designs that are super popular right now.

The Accent Nail. You can certainly do a pretty floral design on all of your nails, and you’ll see many inspiration photos below that are filled with flowers, but the accent nail is especially in. This means that only one or two of your nails has a flower design, while the others are plain or have a different type of design.

Flower Tips. Various types of French tips are back in, but colored tips with flowers on them are especially adorable. See the photos below for more details.

Clear Nails With Flowers. I’m loving clear nails, but I especially love a semi-sheer polish with a few dainty floral designs over the nail.

How To Do Flower Nails:

These nails are all pretty tricky to do at home.

If you do want to take a stab at them, I recommend getting stick-on nails from Etsy. There are some seriously cute options on there for affordable prices!

Click here to check out all different types of flower nails on Etsy.

Otherwise, you’ll have to find a technician that can do these designs. Make sure you ask beforehand because some of them are pretty complicated!

Floral Nails Inspiration:

Here are some of my favorite floral nails and floral manicures! Hopefully, these photos show you what’s trendy right now and give you inspiration for your next manicure.

Feel free to save any of these photos for later. Just press and hold, then click save to camera roll.


White And Clear With Flowers


Yellow With Clear Flowers


Soft Pink


Clear With Yellow Flowers


Dainty Purple Flowers


Sprigs Of Lavender


Multi-Colored Flower Design


Shades Of Neutral


Soft Tropical Flowers With Gold


Pale Blue & Pink With Abstract Flowers


Soft Pink With Flower Branches


Clear With Sunflowers


Sprigs & Floral Branches


Pale Purple Floral Design


Pink Flower Accent Nail


Orange Flower Tips


Nude With Small Daisies


White Flower Accent Nail


Purple With Daisies


Alternate Colors On Each Hand


Soft Pink With White Flowers


Semi-Clear With Large Daisies


Colored Tips With Daisies


Clear With Blue Flower Designs


Multi-Colored Accent Nail


Soft Pink Tropical Floral Accents


Round Daisies


White & Orange Flowers


Shades Of Pink Accent Nail


White Flowers With Gems


Red Flowers On Matte Nails


Brown With Colored Daisies


Matte With Sprigs Of Flowers


Blue & Neutral Floral Design


Brown & Blue Floral Tips


Clear With Daisies


Clear With Yellow Tips & Daisy Accents


Colored Tips With Large Daisies


Abstract Floral Design