32 Gorgeous Lavender Fields You Should Add To Your Bucket List

Lavender is one of the most versatile, fragrant plants on earth. It can be used as a natural remedy for muscle pain, headaches, stress and anxiety. Lavender essential oil has been found to have many healing properties that are now being studied in today’s modern medicine.

If you’ve ever been in a lavender field, you know that the smell is unlike anything else on earth. It’s a fragrance that’s both floral and herbaceous, heady but also soothing. And when it’s fresh from the ground, it has an intoxicating effect: the lavender scent can feel like a drug.

Lavender fields are found all over the world, from France to Italy to Australia to California–and even in places where they don’t normally grow such as Scotland or England! They have been cultivated for centuries for their healing properties and their scents.

The most famous lavender fields are in Provence, Southern France—the region is known as “The Land of Lavenders,” however there are too many amazing lavender fields in the world to count.

Read on for a list of 32 most gorgeous lavender farms around the world that you need to add to your bucket list!

32. Luberon Lavender Fields, Provence, France

The most famous lavender fields are in Provence, Southern France—the region known as “The Land of Lavenders.”

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Here, the lavender fields are celebrated during the lavender festivals in the summer. One of the most stunning places to be is Luberon, France any time of the year, but the summer months are especially amazing.

France is well-known for its lavender production. This time frame in which these fields are seen blooming short – from mid-June until mid July – but a French vacation is worth the timing to see this stunning array.

Provence as a whole famous for its beauty, so a trip to the lavender fields in Provence is definitely worth your while!

31. Hope’s Nose Farm Lavender Fields on Isle of Wight   

One of the first farms to introduce lavendering as a business in the UK is Hope’s Nose Farm. They started growing lavender for essential oils and extracts in 1948 and there have been lavender growers on Hope’s Nose Hill ever since.

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The farm is over 300 acres with 60 different species of plants including Lathyrus odoratus (commonly known as sweet pea or wood vetchling), Salvia officinalis (or common sage) and Thymus vulgaris (or thyme).

Hope’s Nose’s experience begins at the farm gate with a wide variety of plants and scented shrubs that are truly stunning.

During the Lavender Festival in France (which happens in the summer), there are opportunities to have a go at lavender processing, watch live demonstrations, and enjoy local produce from the Hope’s Nose cafe.

Visitors can also wander through different themed areas such as The English Herb Garden, The Arboretum and The Cottage Garden.

30. La Lavanda di Elvio, Sardinia, Italy

One of the most gorgeous lavender fields in Europe is La Lavanda, a garden located in a remote area of Sardinia.

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The views from the fields are truly spectacular and worth a trip on their own to this island, however if you’re looking for a hiking adventure while there, Elvio provides some wonderful opportunities for adventure, too.

Elvio also grows many crops such as grapes, olives and oranges, all of which come together in an elaborate dinner menu at the farm house where guests can enjoy traditional Sardinian cooking using strictly local ingredients paired with wines hand-picked by Elvio himself.

If you’re looking for something more than just one day in the lavender fields, then know that this place has a lot more to offer than just flowers.

29. Lavender Blue, California, USA

This stunning lavender field is located in the picturesque wine region of Paso Robles and is known for its fragrant lavender plants.

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Visitors can sample homemade jams and preserves with their lavender baked goods and enjoy a glass of wine at an onsite tasting room in addition to checking out the blooms.

The family run lavender farm is open year round from 8am-5pm daily where you can purchase fresh cut bouquets from the field or dried lavender products from the gift shop, along with some tasty treats from the deli!

In addition to walking through fragrant lavender fields filled with blooming flowers, there are lavender lined trails that lead to a secluded pond where you can enjoy the views and take a rest from your trek.

28. Ballyknocken Lavender, County Wicklow, Ireland

This lavender farm is located in the Wicklow Mountains National Park – one of the highest points in all of Ireland! The farm has been family run for over five generations and opens to visitors during the summer months.

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Visitors are welcomed by a mixture of aromatic wild flowers, shrubs, and trees with small wooden bridges that cross the streams throughout the fields.

There are also picnic tables scattered across this scenic location which are perfect for taking in some al fresco dining while surrounded by nature’s finest blooms!

This is one of the most beautiful lavender fields in the area and is a must-see if you’re in Ireland.

27. Hitchin Lavender, Hertfordshire, England

This lavender farm is located outside of London and has been family run since the late 1800’s.

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The first lavender festival took place in Hitchin on June 7th 2016 and quickly became an annual event!

During the summer months, there are trails throughout the fields so you can walk through the miles and miles of beautiful purple flowers blooming as far as the eye can see! There is also a cafe serving some traditional English fare along with refreshing ale crafted by a local brewery.

Visitors can also take part in some lavender processing demonstrations and enjoy live music and workshops to learn more about what goes into growing lavender for essential oils & crafts.

26. Lavender Oaks, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

If you’re looking for lavender farms in the US then you don’t need to look further than North Carolina. This lavender farm is located outside of Chapel Hill and has expanded from its initial 9 acres to over 100!

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The Lavender Oaks staff take pride in the amount of work that goes into each plant – more than 10 hours/acre just for the pruning process! This commitment to care shows as you walk through nearly 500 varieties of lavender making it a wonderful place for those who love seeing all different kinds of flowers.

There are also some great photo opportunities with colorful flowers, a lake, and even a cute little red barn on sight – perfect for Instagram!

The main season runs from May-October; during this time, visitors can purchase bouquets & crafts. In addition, the farm offers tours year round which a welcome drink followed by an informative talk and a walk through the fields.

25. Lavender Cottage, North Cornwall, England

This lavender farm is located at the gorgeous Bodmin Moor and consists of only 100 acres! Although it’s small in size compared to other lavender fields, Lavender Cottage has been family run for generations dating back to 1835 and is definitely worth a visit if you love the English countryside.

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One of their biggest draws is the “pick your own” section where visitors can either pick their own bouquets or purchase them from the field already picked. The flowers here grow much closer together which allows them to be harvested by machine and cut every day so there are never any brown or wilted blossoms on site!

In addition, you can find some great local products made with lavender sold at the stand, including soaps and sweets.

The farm also grows a number of other flowers, including sunflowers, poppies, and marigolds, so there’s always something special in bloom! 

24. Pelham Blue Lavender Farm, New Hampshire (USA)

This lavender farm is located outside of Hanover and offers beautiful panoramic views as well as serene lavender scented trails. In total there are 7 different trail options ranging from 1/4 mile stroll to 1 1/2 hour hikes!

During the summer months they have food trucks on site, as well as a gift shop along with a lavender museum that has a lot of cool facts and products.

Each summer solstice the farm hosts bonfires complete with food trucks and live music for participants to enjoy. In January, they host their annual lavender festival which includes cooking demonstrations, craft workshops, and tours of the farm!

23. Valensole, Provence, France

Another lavender field in Provence is located in Valensole which has been a lavender production area since the 1800’s.

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The majority of French lavender is grown here and it’s a great place to visit for tourists! In total there are almost 1,000 acres of beautiful purple blooms emerging from the hillsides.

In addition, the farm offers a museum dedicated to its history and culture complete with interactive exhibits and an interesting film about the process of lavender harvesting.

During the summer months, visitors can enjoy guided tours where they will learn about how essential oils are made – it’s quite fascinating to see how much goes into each oil!

The best time to go during harvest season is between mid-July and early August when you’ll get up close views of all things lavender related.

22. Ali’i Kula Lavender, Maui (USA)

This lavender farm is located just 20 minutes from the airport and has an amazing view of Haleakala! It’s only a 10 minute drive from Kahului, which makes it a great stop for those visiting Maui.

In total there are around 600 plants here, but the farm has over 30 different varieties of lavender!

The main season runs from May-November with tours running throughout the day. Visitors can enjoy a 45 minute guided tour where they will be introduced to bee keeping as well as various natural pest control methods that are native to the area.

There is also an onsite store selling all kinds of lavender products including soap, honey, body lotion, more!

21. Snowshill Lavender Farm, Cotswolds, England

This lavender farm is located within the Cotswolds and offers a wonderful blend of traditional English gardens with lavender.

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In total there’s around 16 acres of lavender fields dedicated to some gorgeous blooms, as well as immaculate hedges and woodland trails.

The farm has some fabulous features such as a formal sunken garden, an Elizabethan style knot garden, and even a secret walled garden! This is truly an English paradise.

Visitors can expect to find over 2,000 lavender plants here and will be able to enjoy many different varieties depending on the time of year. A number of events are held throughout the summer months, including open days where you can visit their onsite shop and cafe for delicious treats!

20. Bridestowe Lavender, Tasmania

If you’re looking for vast lavender fields, consider heading to Tasmania. This lavender farm is located right next to the seaside town of Bridestowe and has won several awards for its vast lavender fields.

In total this farm has over 90 acres dedicated to all things lavender with around 16 different varieties! Visitors can expect to see some stunning views along with an onsite cafe (selling delicious lavender-related treats) where they can sit back and relax amidst the gorgeous surroundings.

During early August, the farm hosts their annual Lavender Festival which includes cooking demonstrations, guided tours, and live music!

If you’re planning a trip to to this farm, make sure you head down during sunset as it’s a great time to take in those beautiful purple hues whilst also enjoying a picnic among the blooms.

19. Cape Cod Lavender Fields, Massachusetts, USA

This lavender farm is located in Whitman and has a great range of plants and products which make it a fantastic place to visit. It’s also really unique because it’s located in New England!

In total there are around 1,800 lavender plants at these lavender fields, as well as other fragrant plants such as rosemary and hyssop. The farm also has a shop selling all kinds of lavender related gifts, including their popular organic lavender honey!

Their busiest time of year is between June-September when you’ll find the fields filled with so many gorgeous purple blooms. This location also makes for some dreamy photos so if you’re looking for somewhere photogenic then this is the place to go!

18. Pageo Lavender Farm, Turlock, California, USA

This lavender farm is located around 40 minutes north of Sacramento and has a wonderful selection of lavender plants to enjoy.

In total there are over 4 acres dedicated to all things lavender, with the main season being between March-October. Visitors will be able to pick up some beautiful bouquets at their onsite store as well as enjoying fabulous views of gorgeous purple fields. Make sure you head out during sunset for those perfect Instagram worthy shots!

They also regularly host events including open days where you can learn about essential oils and making your own lavender wands! If you’re travelling with children then this would also be a great activity for them as well.

17. Mount Cook Alpine Lavender, New Zealand

This lavender farm is located in Mount Cook Village and has lots of gorgeous blooms to enjoy.

In total, this location has over 1 acre dedicated to lavender, with around 200 different varieties! This makes it one of the best places in New Zealand for people who love all things lavender.

Their busiest time of year is between April-October where you can come & enjoy spectacular views amongst colorful fields.

You’ll be able to spot the lavender farms very easily as they are situated right by the roadside! With that being said not many people are aware just how beautiful this location is so you’ll have plenty of space for your dreamy shots. It’s one of the quieter lavender fields if you want a day to yourself.

16. Lavender Valley, Hood River, Oregon, USA

This lavender farm is located in Oregon’s beautiful Columbia River Gorge and has excellent views of the surrounding area.

It’s around 8 minutes from downtown Hood River & an easy drive for visitors to enjoy these colorful lavender fields.

In total, there are over 6 acres dedicated to lavender, with around 250 different varieties! Visitors can expect to see wonderful views year-round but their most popular time of the year is between June-October where you’ll be able to also visit their onsite store selling products made with lavender.

The best way to get here is by vehicle as they do not provide transportation however it is well worth the short trip up the hillside for amazing views of these gorgeous purple fields! Be sure to get here early for some spectacular views of Mt Hood & Mt Adams on the horizon, too.

15. Lavender Fields at Spiral Gardens, Millville, Pennsylvania, USA

This lavender farm is located in beautiful Lancaster County & has over 1 acre of lavender fields.

Their busiest time of year is between May-August where you can pick up some flowers for your home or to enjoy along with their delicious organic lavender ice cream!

In addition to all things lavender, they also have a café serving fresh coffee, tea, and homemade food. So if you’re looking for somewhere gorgeous to sit back and relax then this garden makes for the perfect place to do so.

14. Lordington Lavender, Sussex, England

These lavender fields are located around an hour south of London and have a whopping 10 acres dedicated to lavender.

In total there are over 400 different varieties meaning it’s definitely one of the best lavender fields to visit in all of England!

The main season is from May-September where you’ll find the fields filled with wonderful colourful blooms. Their onsite store sells everything from lavender plants, bunches, and wands, and the farm also has a cafe so you can enjoy a delicious cup of tea or coffee once your walk through their stunning lavender fields.

The best way to get here is by car as their location isn’t very well publicized, however it’s well worth making a trip out for some Instagram worthy photos!

13. Ogród Pełen Lawendy, Poland 

This lavender farm is located in the beautiful city of Gdynia & has over 4 acres of lavender blooms.

In total it’s home to around 450 different varieties which makes it one of the best places in Poland to come and enjoy a walk among a sea of purple! It’s a hidden gem that not many people know about but definitely worth making a trip for if you’re interested in all things lavender.

They have an onsite shop selling everything from fresh flowers, wands, bunches to other products made with lavender such as tea, soap, oils, etc. If you plan on visiting make sure to get here early as their busiest time is between May-September where they offer guided tours for groups of people!

The best way to get here is by car, as the farm is located on the outskirts of the area, however public transport also runs close by. 

12. Lavender Fields, Lake Como, Italy 

This lavender farm is located around an hour and a half north of Milan in the beautiful region of Lombardy & it’s known for having gorgeous lavender fields that stretch seemingly forever.

In total it’s home to around 450 different varieties and during July-August you’ll find them all blooming with vibrant purple flowers!

There are guided tours available which are suitable for everyone from families with young children to older couples or groups. One tour lasts between 1-2 hours and shall take you around the farm to discover over 90 different lavender plants.

Be sure to bring your camera along for some great photos! This lavender farm is a photo hot-spot for a reason.

11. Lavendula Farm, Giethoorn, Netherlands 

This lavender farm located in beautiful Holland has just under 5 acres dedicated entirely to lavender!

If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a walk among lavender fields then this is the perfect place for you! Onsite, they sell wands, bunches, and bouquets of different varieties at affordable prices, however the farm also has an onsite café that serves delicious homemade food as well as their very own lavender ice cream. It’s definitely worth a try!

During May-September, guided tours are available every hour from 10am until 5pm and cost €4. The tour lasts around 45 minutes and takes you around the farm where you’ll discover over 250 lavendula plants, each with their own history recorded in a booklet.

You’ll also get to see 3 specialized greenhouses where plants are grown to protect them from all weather types. The tour concludes with a small taste of lavender ice cream!

10. Lavandula Valley Farm, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland 

This lavender farm located in beautiful Switzerland has around 8 acres dedicated entirely to lavender which makes it the perfect destination if you’re looking for a picturesque location with stunning lavender fields!

During May-October, guided tours are available daily from 9:30am until 5pm and cost only €7.30 per adult. On this tour, you’ll discover over 350 different types of lavender, each with their own history recorded in a booklet.

They also have their very own onsite café which serves lavender treats during the day such as lavender ice cream, waffles, pancakes & more!

The best way to get here is by car however public transport runs close by with bus services running every hour from Lauterbrunnen station. 

9. Lavanda Montana, Transylvania, Romania 

This lavender farm is located around 3 hours from Bucharest in the beautiful region of Transylvania, where it’s known for having stunning lavender fields!

In total it’s home to around 500 different varieties and during July-August, you’ll find them all blooming with vibrant purple flowers.

There are guided tours available which are suitable for everyone from families with young children to older couples or groups. One tour lasts between 1-2 hours and shall take you around the farm to discover over 90 different lavender plants!

8. Castle Farm, Kent, England

This lavender farm located in Kent, England has around an acre of lavender which is perfect for a relaxing walk where you can explore the fields & explore lavender plants up close!

They have a variety of different lavenders available throughout the year with each one having its own specific properties and uses.

In their onsite shop they sell many lavender-based products such as oils, soaps, creams, and even sachets to help keep your clothes smelling fresh! You’ll also find locally produced honey from the surrounding area for sale, too.

This is one of the best lavender fields to visit if you want a taste of the local culture.

7. Wanaka Lavender Farm, Wanaka, New Zealand

Lavender plants in New Zealand are known for their unique beauty and can be found growing in many different locations.

This farm just outside the popular holiday destination of Wanaka has lavender plants dating back to when it was originally established in 2000, with over 500 varieties growing across its gorgeous 5 acres!

You’ll find guided tours available during July-August where you’ll get to see over 80 different lavender plants along with an onsite café serving food & drinks which has an amazing view of the surrounding mountains!

If you book in advance (especially around May-June) they offer packages which include afternoon tea, freshly cut lavender bouquets, dinner by candlelight, and more.

6. Old Lavender Field, Tihany, Hungary

Near the small village of Tihany in Hungary, you’ll find this beautiful lavender field located right underneath the local abbey. It’s one of Hungary’s oldest lavender fields which is also used as a wedding location for couples to get married here!

The farm has around 3 acres in total with over 350 varieties growing where visitors are allowed to pick their own bouquets during May-September, however this must be done between 10am-5pm .

The best way to visit this stunning location is by car, although public transport can be used too if you’re happy to walk approximately 1km from Lavender Valley railway station where buses run every hour.

5. Tomita Farm, Furano, Japan

This lavender farm is located in the beautiful prefecture of Hokkaido, Japan, and is known for its stunning views and gorgeous lavender fields.

You can explore the fields by walking along a steep pathway which has been created specifically to visit this farm. You’ll definitely have amazing views across central Furano.

In total, there are around 400 varieties growing here with different plants being available throughout the year depending on when they were planted!

Products made from fresh lavender flowers (such products as soaps, oils, creams, and sachets) can be purchased; if you’re planning to visit between June-July then they also offer cut flower bouquets too!

4. The Lavender Fields of Bulgaria

If you’re planning to visit Bulgaria during the summer months then you’ll find many lavender fields popping up across the country with some stunning locations worth visiting!

There are two main locations to visit: one in Pravets and the other just outside of Sofia in Blagoevgrad. In total, there’s 300,000 lavender plants growing in Bulgaria, which flower from July until early September.

You can take part in guided tours where experts teach you everything about lavender, such as how it’s used for medicinal purposes and its history within Bulgarian culture too.

3. Mayfield Lavender, Sutton, UK

The picturesque English countryside is home to many lavender fields which are especially gorgeous during the summer months.

One of our favorites is located near The National Trust’s property. Called Mayfield in Sutton, it has over 25 acres worth of lavender fields with around 300 different varieties in total!

Located on a hillside slope in the heart of the Ribble Valley in Lancashire, you’ll find this farm well positioned for stunning views across the surrounding area where visitors are welcome even out of season when the lavender isn’t blooming.

There are daily guided tours available throughout July-August where it’s possible to see blue butterflies flitting between flowers while also learning about the different types of lavender grown here.

2. Seafoam Lavender Garden, River John, Nova Scotia, Canada

This farm is located in the small village of River John, Nova Scotia, and has been growing lavender varietals since they were first introduced to North America by French-Canadian settlers.

From May until September you can visit the farm and pick your own bouquet of flowers along with enjoying scenic views nearby.

As for activities, there are two tours available during the summer months. one which takes you through the fields and shows you how lavender is harvested while also teaching you all about lavender production too. The second tour includes a walk around the herb garden before taking part in lavender pancake making class using fresh flowers from the farm!

1. Purple Haze Lavender Farm, Sequim, Washington, USA

As you walk through the lavender fields here in Sequim, Washington, you’ll immediately notice how there’s a stunning surrounding area of mountains serving as the backdrop to these blue-violet blooms.

At this farm, they grow over 400 different lavender species including English, French & Giant hybrids, which are available for purchase throughout the year.

If you’re planning to visit these lavender fields during July or August, then be sure to look out for their daily tours where you’ll see 50 acres worth of gorgeous flowers while learning about their growth process!