30 unusual hair dyes that only the most daring women will choose

If you are tired of the classic colors, and the “modern” ones that are very banal. then these new paints will make your look stand out and make everyone turn their heads on the street after you. In this article we will talk and show 30 paints, which will definitely change you radically, but which only a daring woman would risk trying.

Regrown roots

Thought this style was a thing of the past? It seems not, but even more than that: some women of fashion specifically dye the roots of their hair to further emphasize the contrast with the ends. The secret to making it look fashionable and not sloppy: the “roots” should be 4 cm or more in length.

Shiny roots

An even bolder coloring for women who are not afraid to look extraordinary: the roots of the hair are bright and dyed in a bright neon tone. Will you risk it?

Brick tone

The trend, as usual, was set by Kim Kardashian: she dyed her hair in a shade of copper-brick-terracotta and … went that way, despite the growth of dark hair. Suddenly this trend appeared again in the eyes of the big models, and rightly so, it is hotter than fire.

Fluorescent red

Red is generally a hit of the season, but in the field of hair dye it is a real bomb. The antagonist of green, bright red has become the choice of thousands of fashionistas around the world, but it looks especially impressive on Asian women and girls with naturally dark skin.

Dense brown hair

What is revolutionary here you ask? Well, a plain and simple chestnut tone is kind of a challenge. If you don’t believe, try it, you will be surprised.


Half of the strands are dark (from roots to tips), half are light. Coloring is the most difficult because the strands are separated, literally 10 hairs each are colored. But the effect is just wow.


The unicorns are back! But this time for ultra-short hairstyles. You won’t wow anyone with long rainbow locks, but the intricate ornamentation on a practically shaved head is cool.