30 trendy haircuts and coloring techniques that will be popular in the new year

If you’ve been thinking about blonde shades and bold or radical transformations for a long time, this is a sign – it’s time to act.

Every season there are new trends in haircuts and hair coloring. Either we dye ourselves in acid colors, inspired by Billie Eilish, or we cut our bangs in the style of French women: a la Amelie. The traditional Bob haircut accompanies us for many seasons, only the length changes, and long and well-groomed hair is an eternal classic. What haircuts and dyeing techniques will be fashionable in the new year? See.

The first place in the list of fashionable haircuts in 2022 is occupied by various options pixie. The more boldness and displays of individuality, the better. Of course, there are options for brave girls, but we all know that life changes start with a new hairstyle. So when, if not in the new year?

Try a haircut with a funny name gavroche: strands broken at the temple and elongated bangs. Gavroche is considered a French classic. For such a hairstyle, it is important to keep the length as short as possible – otherwise you risk not having a fashionable haircut, but messy hair.

An option for more daring and independent women is the haircut buzz cut: ultra short, shaved evenly along the entire length of the hair. Stylists suggest that if you wish, you can leave a small ponytail on the back of your neck or wedge-shaped bangs, which will look very scandalous.

haircut mullet became popular again. This year, stylists suggest wearing it with a short length at the back, so that the transition between the temples and the back of the head is not contrasting. Under this haircut, straight milled bangs will fit perfectly. The mullet goes with wavy and thick hair.

If you combine mullet and pixie haircuts, you get – Mixi. The main difference from the mullet is a more rounded and shorter shape.

haircut elongated asymmetrical pixie it is considered classic, suitable for any hair structure and shade. Long bangs can be wavy or left straight.

Variations of grain they entered the top with confidence. Stylists suggest the bob just above the shoulders. The most popular option is a blunt bean with evenly cropped heads to or below the cheekbones and a clear parting in the middle of the head. It adds volume, so it is suitable for thin hair. On curly hair, the hairstyle looks great, and is especially suitable for romantic natures.

a short french bob (to Amelie). Bangs are short, but if you have sparse and thin hair, then it is better to make bangs for yourself, otherwise the haircut will look ugly.

Wavy shaggy with bangs it’s a bold rock and roll hairstyle that’s romantic at the same time. The retro haircut has recently gained a new life and today it is considered very popular, it looks feminine and attractive. Shaggy is a universal type of haircut, suitable for hair of any length, curly or straight.

Bob with bangs. Singer Taylor Swift has been wearing this hairstyle for a very long time – do you remember what it looks like? Another version of the bob is the asymmetrical one, when one side is shorter than the other. This hairstyle can be worn with or without bangs.

Long, shiny, well-groomed hair with an even cut is a trend that will not disappear in the next two years, as the stylists assure. However, the fashion for healthy hair is an unchanging classic.


In 2022, there is a trend for uniform painting with pale shades. No less popular are complex coloring techniques (balayage, shatush, ombre), intense colors are not losing ground.

Among blondes, the platinum shade is considered the most popular (suitable for owners of light porcelain skin and blue, green or gray eyes), gray blonde is a cooler shade of hair, which is best suited for natural blonde or light blonde hair .

Warm blonde is the most common shade. Suitable for women with dark skin and dark eyes. Preferred by many, golden blonde shades are also recognized by stylists as relevant this year.

Let’s not forget the brunettes. Choose from a variety of shades: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cocoa, spicy chocolate or even chocolate with a hint of raspberry.

Mocha is one of the most expressive shades for brunettes. It’s like a very strong coffee with a few drops of milk.

Redhead is always spectacular, beautiful and sexy. See which shades of red made it to the top. The first one on the list is a coppery shade, complex, difficult to achieve on your own, so we recommend that you turn to a specialist. Next – a shade of honey – a beautiful and natural color. Bronze: this shade is the result of a successful combination of chestnut and copper shades.

Despite the trend towards naturalness, color spots remain relevant. Bright shades of pink, purple, blue or green are still considered the best. Hidden spots are popular when an indigo strand is hidden under a natural shade.