30 modern examples of the graduated bob

Elegant square in a new light: 30 interesting images of graduated square

Such a fashionable graduated haircut of a well-groomed today is a symbiosis of two classic haircuts – a care and a cascade. This elegant and refined hairstyle is suitable for women of any age and sense of style. The shortened nape and elongated front curls beautifully frame the face, and the “clove” effect allows you to achieve a slight teenage look without affecting the overall appearance. But in order to emphasize your personality, it is necessary to competently approach the choice of form, model and technique.

Haircuts with graduation: advantages and disadvantages

If you decide to radically change your appearance and plan to do it only with such a haircut, then you should seriously evaluate all the positive and, possibly, negative properties of the graduated care. Since there aren’t many of the latter, this one will be based on positives.

So, the advantages of graduated care:

Elegant interpretation of impeccable taste;
The haircut is universal, suitable for evening wear and weekdays;
Possibility to texture the back of the head;
The ability to emphasize the roots of the hair, making them darker in tone, which is now very fashionable;
Visually increases hair volume.

You can continue to list the advantages of hairstyles for a long time, but it is worth noting some important points, if you do not follow them, you risk getting a direct negative effect:
Entrust a haircut to a professional master. Not every hairdresser can achieve the correct symmetry and easy tips;
You will have to update the haircut often enough, especially if your hair grows quickly, regrown tips spoil the whole look.
Attractive square will look only on straight hair. Curls are able to completely destroy the hairstyle.
In addition, you need to take into account the oval of the face. How it is necessary to defeat him, he will tell the master.

Neat short haircuts and her photo
A graduated bob haircut belongs to the famous tomboy style. By the name, you can tell that there is a boyar subtext. A light carelessness and a playful childish look comes into contact with the laconic strands that descend on the face. This allows the sparsest hair to appear thicker and more voluminous, and the native shade of the hair does not matter.

The main secret of this hairstyle in the correct priority. It is necessary to clearly define the lip line, because it will be decorated in layers, and choose the length of the front strands. Curls can reach the cheekbones, under special conditions they are inflated or, on the contrary, reduced. An open neck and a perfectly defined oval face – these are the main criteria for the formation of graduated care.

Technique for short graded care

One of the most important things when making a haircut is the technique. Play almost the entire base, because a properly designed oval works in your favor, while bad curves or lines will be your enemies. Elegant layering is achieved by graduating with scissors or thinning with a sharp razor.

Falling strands in steps or waves will add the necessary care and femininity to the image. If you are ready to endure the “boyish” look to the end, then boldly allow the master to make torn strands at the tips or give preference to “feathers”.

Put an absolute care for short hair

An absolute care on short hair looks simply flawless, but requires its owner to be fully involved in the hair care process. If you have made such a haircut, then this is not a reason to leave everything as it is and do without style. Graduated care can change styles, it can be interpreted as a boyish or more classic look. The side locks give you total freedom of imagination: they can be straightened, slightly raised, combed back or vice versa, lowered on the face.

Don’t forget the hair color. Hue plays almost the most important role, and richly colored hair gives a brighter effect. It doesn’t matter if you prefer brunette or blonde, in both cases give prerogatives to “cool” tones.

Neat graduated haircuts with extension

The lengthening of the strands is reproduced on medium length hair. This variety of hairstyles exudes elegance in contact with mild severity. A graduated square with elongation allows you to emphasize individuality, creating an original silhouette.

An expandable support is available in several solutions. You can choose the option of a square with or without bangs, with a side or center parting. Also in the fashionable hairstyle with a bob silhouette, which withstands not only smooth straight hair, but also slightly wavy. It is necessary to choose the method of cutting a care according to your type of appearance and shade of hair.

Expanding graduate care

When the main design is on the occipital part, the haircut takes on a very elegant look. The technique is extremely simple and involves the length of the front strands up to the earlobe, in this case the entire volume on the crown of the head is formed in the form of a cap. The back extension is made in several layers, which looks quite extravagant. The contrasting length and thinning of the ends in rows gives an added charm. Elongation is done on both thin and thicker curls.

For the competent design of a square with extension, the contour design technique is important. Any fashionable silhouette is first adapted to the shape, then the ends are cut at the required angle.

Neat elongated haircut graduated and her photo

This version of the hairstyle does not involve the presence of bangs, and if you have never worn and will not wear bangs, then this type of bob will suit you perfectly. Side straps always leave predominantly long, which allows you to highlight a strict and clear parting. This type of hairstyle is suitable for almost any type of face, except for an overly elongated oval. But remember that you can always choose the length of the strands and formulate a face.

This hairstyle is equated with the avant-garde, but takes on a more informal look with a successful coloring. Here, classic highlighting or dressing is acceptable, both options will look spectacular on the hair.

If you have not decided on a shade, then a win-win option is contrasting dyeing – when the ends of the strands lighten or darken, on the contrary. Of course, this option is suitable for those who have already tried a lot in this industry and are not afraid to highlight the highlight in their own style.

Placement of an extended graduated square

Caret style haircuts are extremely easy to style. It is enough to arm yourself with a curling iron and a small amount of styling. For everyday hairstyle, it is enough to align the front strands, leaving the back of the head slightly crushed. You can change the split by removing it on the other side, which is why the view will only get extra volume.

To prepare for the evening, you will have to work a little, but you can do the evening hairstyle yourself. The ideal option would be a Hollywood-style style, it will not take more than half an hour. You just need to calm the long curls, polish them to shine and give the remaining strands sloppy volume.

Elongated graded rack

If your hair is of medium length, then a graduated long care is the most profitable option. You can effectively dissolve hair that does not need a complex hairstyle, the shape of the hairstyle itself will do everything.
The basis of the hairstyle is the silhouette of the square, which smoothly turns into strands up to the middle of the neck or even up to the shoulders. Moreover, the ends never cut evenly, the design of the ends of the hairstyle transforms a simple haircut into a fashionable and unique silhouette.

Scale haircuts

The square can be decorated using the ladder technique or leave long feathers in the front and cut the hair completely evenly from the back. By combining several cutting techniques at once, the stylist is able to achieve the required volume.

At the same time, do not forget that the pronounced texture of the hairstyle looks amazing in active and bright colors. The shade is able to emphasize the design of the hairstyle and its style.

Neat graduated haircuts with bangs: the choice of style

The choice of drawing should come from the graded neat drawing. Complex asymmetrical bangs are suitable as a design for short haircuts. Bangs can become an accent and stand out against the general background. And it can be done in a similar style. The decision will be yours.

If you have a tiny face with pronounced cheekbones, then give preference to long bangs, which will cover part of the eyebrows. Thus, you highlight your strengths.
With long hair, the choice of bangs styles expands significantly. In this case, it is possible not only to get a beautiful hairstyle, but also to completely correct the shape of the face. As for the parting, it can be straight or oblique.

Choosing the right hairstyle is not easy. It is necessary to take into account many factors, omitting which, you risk making an ugly look on your head.

A professional stylist who understands the contours of your face will help you decide on style and shade.