2022 Pink Gel Nails: The Sweetest Manicure With Bright Shades And Glossy Effects

The nails and manicures that together make up a woman’s perfect look are very important. A woman’s hands are the business card. Therefore it is essential to take care of it daily. From the skin to the nails, the beauty routine can be varied. In this article we want to suggest some ideas for manicure and in particular proposals for pink gel nails. Pink is a light, sweet and very youthful color. By mixing red and white you get pink.

A very delicate and sweet shade, a symbol of love. As for the nails, we can consider this color one of the most natural. We exclude, however, the bright shades, to which today we will dedicate some images for those of you who dare to experiment. Nail art in this case has a lot to offer, if we take for example the designs and the matte and glossy enamels. The choice of nail polish depends solely and exclusively on your personal tastes. Of course, the occasion and the combination with clothes and accessories must also be considered.