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They say long bangs will never go out of style. It becomes the main styling element in a hairstyle, helps highlight the face and emphasize dignity. The right choice of bangs allows a lady to look younger and more feminine. In today’s article, we will consider all types of elongated bangs, which hairstyles can be combined with them and who suits them best.


Long bangs have several benefits that we recommend you note in case you intend to sign up for a hairdresser to change your look:

  1. He is able to correct the shape of the face – to stretch it and make it thinner;

2. Hides the small defects of the appearance – camouflages wrinkles or pimples;

3. It is universal – women of any age can wear it;

4. A variety of styles – you can shape the bangs in different ways, thus changing the image every day.

However, when choosing long bangs, before cutting your hair, you pay attention not only to its length, but also to its density, edge line and number of layers. Think carefully about whether it will suit your current hair length and whether you are ready to style it daily. It is better to consult a hairdresser who will tell you which hairstyle is right for you. If the curls do not differ in density and splendor, then it is better to postpone the idea with elongated bangs.


This type of bangs has gained popularity quite recently. Stylists can cut your hair in a variety of ways and style the ends in different ways, so you should explore all the options in detail to determine what is right for you.

Elongated graduated bangs

Such a bang can radically transform a woman’s image and at the same time add femininity and softness to it. He is able to correct every type of face – he softens the lines of a square face and visually stretches a round one.

Long oblique bangs

Depending on the structure of the hair and its length, the oblique bangs always turn out to be different. With such a hairstyle, you can emphasize your facial features and make your eyes more expressive. It is desirable that the length of the strands is not below the chin, to create a romantic and mysterious image. It should be noted that such bangs are very suitable for women with dark hair.

Long broken bangs

Suitable for women who want to create a light and dynamic look. This bang is perfect for ladies with thin hair. The strands blend easily with the hairstyle and create an incredibly beautiful look. This haircut is suitable for any face type.

However, if you have curly hair and a small face, stylists recommend not choosing this model of bangs, because such a hairstyle will visually make it even smaller.

Long bangs on two sides

Such a hairstyle is often obtained by accident. Girls are growing short hair and as a result they are starting to frame their faces nicely. All you have to do is just maintain this length and trim the ends periodically. With such a haircut, you can braid your hair to have an even more charming style.

This hairstyle is not suitable for women with a wide forehead or an elongated face. Long side bangs will make your face look even longer, and you definitely don’t want that.

Long straight bangs

Considered a timeless classic and relevant for more than a decade, this hairstyle is often preferred by women with an Asian appearance. If your hair is curly, then be prepared that it will need to be straightened daily. Do not make the bangs too long, this will hide the eyes and break the integrity of the image.

Long bangs for short hair

As paradoxical as it may sound, long bangs for short hair look very stylish and turn any eye. A long bang paired with a carre can rejuvenate women. Haircuts with shaved temples and side bangs are now in demand. This hairstyle is perfect for ladies with a square or triangular face shape.

Long bangs for medium hair

It is considered a universal hairstyle suitable for almost every woman. It is better to make the bangs a little torn to make a more feminine and charming image. At the same time, ladies with deep eyes, it is better not to opt for this hairstyle option, so as not to destroy the beautiful image of the face.

Long bangs for long hair

For this length of hair, picking up an elongated bang is the easiest way. You can make a waterfall or a ladder, and long strands in front will add romance to the image and make you look mysterious. If your hair is too thin and sparse, then you should better look at other hairstyles.

If you still decide to change your hairstyle, then here are some tips that will help you look irresistible:

1. Try to touch the strands with your hands less, otherwise the hair will hang ugly;

2. Carry some clips with you to remove the bangs during the wind, so as not to spoil the style;

3. try to wash your bangs more often, because they will get dirtier than the rest of your hair.

Hair styling options

There are a lot, but we will list the most popular ones that you can do yourself at home.

1. Volumetric – so that the bangs do not fall over the eyes, style them with the help of a hair dryer. Divide the strands into two layers and dry them alternately, gently twisting them. In a few minutes the look is ready!

2. To the side – make an uneven parting and twist the bangs with a hair dryer. Fix the strands with varnish or gel. If you don’t have styling tools handy, use a hairpin. This will make your look more romantic.

3. Use an iron – divide the hair into two equal parts and straighten them with an iron, slightly twisting the ends. Despite the simplicity of the style, it looks quite impressive.

4. Behind – Comb your hair back and fix it with hairspray, you can put a hoop or use other invisible accessories.

How do you grow hair fast?

To achieve the desired hair length as quickly as possible, you can perform daily treatments at home to accelerate its growth. The most effective methods of activating hair growth are:

1. The use of heating masks that activate the activity of hair follicles;

2. Eating foods containing vitamins A, B, C and E;

3. Massaging the head;

4. Use of oil for hair growth.

Be patient as hair cannot grow overnight, regularity is important here. Use the above methods in combination to get positive results in the shortest possible time.

If you want to change your image and add more brightness and freshness, then long bangs will be a great solution. It can be combined with various hairstyles, and the strands that will playfully fall over the face, will give a splendid and flawless look to your style.

For many women, this option is the most optimal, because such a haircut can stretch the shape of the face, make it thinner or narrower, and can highlight the eyes. With the help of elongated bangs, you can reduce the forehead or a massive chin. For such a result, you can arrange a bang in different ways – wavy, stabbed, divided into two parts or simply put it behind the ear. The results will amaze you, and most importantly, you will look great.