18 stylish options for stylish women

Bob Carre is a modified haircut that takes the basic elements of two very popular hairstyles – bob and carre. The latter gives grace to the hair, and the bob is created simply to add volume to lifeless hair.

Bob carre haircut is cut at a certain angle with lengthening in the front, which allows any woman to look very beautiful and modern with this hairstyle. Bob carre is suitable for almost any face shape, because it has many varieties in its arsenal. Another great advantage of this haircut is its unpretentious style.

Bob Carre with front extension

Bob Carre with face extension was popularized by the famous Hollywood lady Victoria Beckham. She created the haircut that represents a short occipital region with a soft transition and an elongation on the face. This is a classic version of the bob with an extension, which is ideal for both young ladies and older women. In addition, there are no restrictions for such a haircut. You can try it if you have an oval, round or even square face shape. An elongated bob will easily correct certain problematic parts of the face and make you look amazing.

Plus, this hairstyle will look great with any look. It will fit perfectly into the daily routine, business, evening and for romantic evenings. It is enough to use an interesting style along with a long bob haircut. For the office style, we advise you to choose the perfectly ironed bob and for a celebration, an evening dinner or a romantic date, you can use the beach or retro waves.

Long bob with bangs