18 Amazing Bob Haircuts for Wavy Hair for Women 40+

Very often, ladies who have wavy hair begin to suffer, trying to choose what kind of haircut would suit them, in order to look as feminine and stylish as possible.

And most often fashionistas are afraid to experiment, because wavy curls cannot be combined with many interesting and unusual haircuts.

However, you should not be sad, because even for curly hair there are excellent options for short haircuts. One of these is the bob haircut. It has a number of advantages and therefore looks great on hair of any structure.

Short bob for wavy hair

A short bob done on curly hair is best suited for sophisticated women. At the same time, short curls will only emphasize the features of the face and make the look of the lady more attractive.

Most often, such a haircut is complemented by oblique or elongated bangs. This hairstyle is suitable for bold and self-confident women.

Long bob for wavy hair

This haircut option, according to stylists, is the best choice for middle-aged and elderly ladies. The special shape and execution technology make the elongated bob very feminine and delicate. The highlight of the image is wavy hair, creating an amazing volume.

By the way, this hairstyle will be able to soften the harsh and angular features of the face, making them more refined and harmonious.

Asymmetric bob for wavy hair

The main feature of the asymmetrical bob is that the curls of different lengths are arranged in a chaotic manner. This hairstyle makes the female image very daring and unusual. At the same time, the lady herself looks quite mysterious and enigmatic.

Layered bob for wavy hair

The layered bob is one of the best options for curly hair. The layering created with the help of scissors helps to lay the curls in the right direction and create a spectacular hairstyle.

As mentioned earlier, the bob is the best short haircut option for wavy hair. Therefore, women who have naturally wavy curls should pay special attention to this haircut, because thanks to it they will look even more attractive and shiny.

Which hairstyle did you like the most? We look forward to your comments!