16 modern ideas of asymmetrical pixie haircuts

If you decide to radically change your look or just want a change to your existing hairstyle, be sure to study the 16 asymmetrical pixie haircuts below.

1. Shaggy with elongated bangs

This haircut is recommended for women who need a face shape correction. This hairstyle will visually correct the shape of the face and adjust the proportions.

2. Pixie with precise cuts and a side cut.

Pixie already involves sharp cuts, but if you want even more, then ask the barber to cut a few strands on the side.

3. Pixie on starts

For more volume you can opt for this type of cutter. The type of pixie with several layers can be a perfect option for owners of thin hair.

4. Pixie with curls

The opinion that short haircuts are not suitable for curly hair is outdated. A correctly selected haircut will perfectly emphasize the curls.

5. Pixie with texture

This hairstyle is suitable for women who do not like to bother with styling. Regardless of the hair type, with a little foam and mousse you can create a stylish hairstyle.

6. Sloppy pixie

Short haircuts are very versatile. You can opt for an elegant yet natural arrangement.

7. Bleach Blonde Pixie

Shades of blonde are trending today, especially with extravagant haircuts.

8. Asymmetric pixie

It is the most elegant and refined form of the pixie haircut, having the ability to hide some minor flaws easily.

9. Ultrashort pixie

If you are not afraid to show your face and accentuate your features, this elegant hairstyle suits you.

10. Pixie for thin strands

If you choose the right pixie haircut option, then thin hair will not be a problem anymore. Asymmetry adds splendor and volume to thin strands.

11. Pixie for thick strands

Here the volume is no longer a problem, instead arranging the hairstyle can create problems. Choose the graduated version that simplifies the care and maintenance of the hairstyle.

12. Rust-hued pixie

The rust tone is incredibly popular this season. It will perfectly emphasize the beauty of an asymmetrical hairstyle.

13. Wavy pixie

Wavy and asymmetrical hairs are not an obstacle for a short haircut. And arranging it is so simple.

14. Pixie in ash blonde shade

All ash blonde highlights are a hit of the season. They look great on asymmetrical and voluminous haircuts.

15. Hazelnut Pixie

The luxurious hazel brown shade is suitable for an asymmetrical and slightly elongated pixie.

16. Long pixie

Pixie haircut is not necessarily a short one. The elongated variant of the hairstyle is always in vogue.