16 beautiful ideas for special ladies

Women are always looking for something new. Of course, there is quite a variety of options to choose from, but among all the hairstyles there stands out an absolute leader, suitable for women of any type of appearance. Choosing in her favor will be one of the safest decisions in building an attractive female image. Below we offer you the famous pixie haircut in the version without bangs. Get inspired!

It is known that there are several options for a pixie without bangs, among which almost every fashionista can find something suitable for herself.

Asymmetry was first on the list not by accident. Thanks to this technique, it is very easy to get a fresh and bright image.

As for the asymmetrical pixie without bangs, this is perhaps one of the most sophisticated haircuts.

Due to its special shape, it makes facial features look younger and more beautiful. At the same time, the hairstyle itself looks very voluminous and elegant.

A real find for girls with a very bold character is a pixie without bangs and shaved temples. In this case, short hair can be either on one or two temples. At the same time, the strands at the crown are longer, which gives the image a special effect.

A nice bonus is the ability to style such a haircut in different ways. So, for a formal event, soft relaxed curls are suitable, and for a party, a smooth and bold hairstyle is suitable.

It is known that owners of thick hair are not recommended to unnecessarily shorten the hair in the occipital region. This will make the image more voluminous, and the head – disproportionate.

However, this does not mean at all that they are prohibited from doing pixie haircuts. To achieve a correct and attractive look, it is enough to combine the short strands at the crown with the longer ones at the nape.

Pixie without bangs is one of the most stylish and fashionable solutions of this year.