16 Awesome Haircuts for Ladies with Medium Length Wavy Hair

Many women with naturally straight hair go to the salon to create a wavy hairstyle and add volume to their hair.

Women who already have wavy curls are very lucky, but there are some nuances when it comes to choosing their haircuts.

Rules to follow for haircuts created in wavy hair

1. To curl the hairstyle of a woman with an oval face, perfectly combine the medium length with a scale that will frame the dmv’s cheeks and cheekbones.
2. With sparse but curly hair, it is worth making a shorter crown.
3. Wavy hairstyles are not suitable for parting haircuts. However, you can try the side parting, it will look very harmonious.
4. Bangs should be long and set to the side.

By following these simple rules, you will get the perfect haircut.

Stylish haircuts for women with curly hair

Remember that you will have to do the arrangement at home, so it will all be up to you.

Long Bob – A traditional short hairstyle in a longer and wavy modification looks very stylish.

The rounded shape of the haircut has a rejuvenating effect and masks age-related changes.

Carre – This hairstyle is versatile and can be done in different ways. However, not all hairstyles will look perfect on curly hair.

Choose a classic carre – this shape will not seem boring to you due to the slight undulation of the cut.

Bob Carre – Haircut that is always in vogue and favorite of many women: beautifully designed back of the head and elongated strands in the front.

Very often, girls turn their straight hair into a wavy hairstyle, thus creating a deliberate negligence.

Waterfall and Ladder – These are haircuts where the hair is cut layer by layer. If you have large curls, the distance between the levels is increased, and with small curls, the hairstyle is made in several layers.

The ladder for wavy hair is less common – with it, the strands are stacked in steps, which is superfluous in this situation. However, this option successfully decorates the oval of the face and a heavy chin.


The different lengths of the strands in such a hairstyle will hide the flaws of the butt, and styling will not require any effort at all – by gently tousling the hair, you will get a very interesting look.

We hope that these recommendations and brief descriptions of the most popular options will help you decide on the perfect haircut.