15 stylish and luxurious haircuts

An extraordinary haircut like a pixie-bob with bangs, thanks to its many variations, will suit women with any face type. All you have to do is contact a hairdresser who will advise you on the most suitable hairstyle for the look and structure of your hair.

Pixie-bob with asymmetry

This haircut model magically rejuvenates the image of women. The short nape of the hairstyle allows you to highlight the length of the neck, and the voluminous crown visually makes the hair lush and thick. Oblique bangs will suit such a haircut in the best way, and a fashionable hair coloring will add dynamism and charm to the image.

Pixie-bob with shaved elements

The shaved area of ​​the neck or temples looks spectacular on women with an oval face type. The air of the image will be given by the milled ends of the hair both in the haircut itself and in the bangs. Even short bangs are suitable for this haircut option, which allows you to make the image as harmonious as possible. Shaved areas often serve as a canvas for creating original designs or more complicated tattoos.

Pixie bob with long bangs

The elongated bangs have the property not only to hide the imperfections of the facial skin, but also to correct its proportions. Chubby women should pay attention to this haircut, as it will visually stretch the oval of the face.

Creative pixie-bob haircuts

Women who are used to shocking the world choose a creative coloring for a pixie-bob haircut with bangs. The most sought-after shades are a rich palette of berries and blues. The hairstyle looks very interesting with oblique, elongated or broken bangs, selected according to the type of face.

A pixie bob with bangs is the right hairstyle choice for women who want to always look young and attractive.