15 spectacular haircuts for women with medium and straight hair

Medium length hair is considered the most practical and versatile of all. Unlike short or long lengths, for women who have medium length hair, there are several hairstyle options to create a very successful look. Today we will show you the most relevant and stylish haircut options for medium length straight hair.


A cascade will give your straight hair a great boost of volume. This is considered the most versatile haircut, as it has no age and hair type restrictions. A distinctive feature of the cascade for medium hair is a wide selection of styles. If you want, you can make a beautiful crown or create airy curls. At the same time, stylists noticed that even straight hair combed in a cascade looks very great.

Carre for medium length straight hair

Thanks to the shape of the carre hairstyle, the hair gets an incredible effect, which consists of well-groomed and perfect curls. Carre has a lot of options. If you want, you can make yourself an elegant elongated version or diversify the image with an asymmetrical haircut. Also, the square got a splendid image in combination with bangs, although this haircut looks very great without it.

Long bob

Straight hair, cut in the form of an elongated bob, will look luxurious and in the style of modern fashion trends. This haircut allows women to achieve a double image – romantic and bold. With the help of different types of styling, you can also experiment with various images. Bob is dominated by many options. For example, a graduated bob is gaining more and more popularity, and mature ladies are choosing an asymmetrical bob, while young ladies are turning to a bob with split ends.

Medium haircuts with shaved elements

For extravagant women, haircuts with shaved elements are suitable. Many say that shaved temples and nape can only exist in short haircuts, but stylists offer to add such an eccentric detail to medium haircuts. Shaving makes the image bolder and more tender. In such haircuts, a woman becomes younger and receives much more attention than she could imagine.

Thanks to a wide range of haircuts for medium straight hair, women can create any look that suits their taste. In this season, haircuts are relevant, in which the natural and spectacular volume prevails on all the hair.