15 simple and at the same time extraordinary haircut ideas for real ladies

A trendy and trendy look can be achieved with a haircut long bob, very popular and really beautiful. The hairstyle is also well known as the Long Bob, and this haircut is considered universal because it suits any hair structure and face shape. The main feature of the long bob is a simple yet effective style.

The shape of the Long Bob hairstyle

The long bob differs from the classic bob haircut only in length. That is, the long bob has a shorter nape than the elongated front strands. The length of the haircut is usually made up to the shoulders, which implies a closed neck, unlike the classic bob.

The Long Bob haircut became popular thanks to many Hollywood stars. Modern women of fashion adopted this hairstyle and began to try on themselves a star image. Despite the simple shape of the haircut, the long bob looks different on every woman, the hairstyle adds freshness to some and has a noticeable rejuvenating effect on others.

Haircut Long Bob

If you chose a long bob, then you will definitely follow all the rules of fashion trends. So that your look is always elegant, we offer you some haircut models that are in vogue this year.

Long Straight Bob

The hairstyle is very easy to do, while the effect will be identical to the image of the most beautiful famous actresses. Without volume, a long bob will emphasize the graceful beauty of a woman and express her main advantages. Due to the simple shape of the hairstyle, a woman can focus on her face and choose bright makeup.

Light wavy curls

For the most romantic and super soft look, the long bob is styled in wavy curls. The lightness and airiness of the hairstyle adorns a woman, makes her image very attractive and, most importantly, elegant. Waves on your hair will allow you not to worry about the wind and other vagaries of the weather – the style always looks perfect.

Sloppy Long Bob

Fashion dictates that the natural and slightly careless image of a woman is a style icon. The long bob can also be done in an elegant style. To do this, ladies, after washing their hair, simply ruffle their hair with their hands and fix the result with a fixative. Quick styling allows you not only to save time, but also to create an image of a slightly daring and luxurious woman.

Long Bob with braided braids

The length of the hair in the long bob haircut allows you to experiment with various hairstyles. For a strict or, on the contrary, gentle look, you can braid several loose braids. The braid should be loose so that the hair is more voluminous. You can add some elegant accessories to your hair, thus creating a solemn style for special occasions.

Long Bob – is one of the most popular haircuts this year. The haircut was loved for its spectacular shape, simple and varied style, as well as for a stylish look.