13 stylish haircut ideas for really stylish women

Pixie-bob on one leg is already a classic in the industry of stylish haircuts. This hairstyle is chosen by those ladies for whom it is very important to get the perfect look without flaws. The main accent in a pixie-bob is a flirty “leg” that can emphasize a woman’s beautiful neck.

Pixie-bob on one leg from different angles

To understand what a pixie-bob haircut on one leg is, it is worth taking a look at it from all sides. From the front, the hairstyle looks like the usual pixie and bob options, that is, there are side bangs and front strands, and the hair at the temples is as short as possible.

From the side, the pixie-bob looks more impressive. Here you can see a voluminous hair cap that looks very natural and beautiful. Thanks to the hairstyle, you can make the most elegant style – asymmetry. To do this, all the hair is combed to one side.

And the highlight of this haircut is of course – the leg. He visually lengthens the neck, thereby creating a beautiful image of a lady. Also on the nape of the neck, short strands predominate, which gradually increase in length, turning into a luxurious crown.

The pros and cons of a pixie-bob on one leg

After examining the pixie bob on one leg from all angles, let’s find out the pros and cons of this stylish haircut.

Among the positive qualities, the ease of installation is noted. The pixie-bob is a hairstyle that does not need to be processed too much to achieve the desired result. It is enough to dry your hair with a hairdryer and brush, which guarantees a voluminous crown of beautiful and healthy hair.

The pluses also include a rejuvenating effect. Undoubtedly, thanks to the leg, short nape and elongated strands in the front, any image of a lady becomes more attractive and younger.

Of the minuses, one can highlight only the need to keep in shape, so you will have to visit the stylist at least once every 2 months.

The pixie-bob on the leg is a bright, elegant and versatile hairstyle. If you want to radically change your style and emphasize your beauty, we advise you to go for this exceptional hairstyle.