124 Best Nail Designs 2022: The Coolest Nail Ideas to Try

Confidence lies in a red nail design. Let’s face it, red is superior for its boldness and attitude. The choice nail color for some of the most iconic Hollywood actresses – Joan Collins in Dynasty and Olivia Newton-John in Grease – red has the “IT” factor.

I have a few friends who’ve shied away from painting their nails with red polish, noting its vivid tone, but they soon realized that quality can work in their favor, making them more assertive when needed, while acting as the final touch to complete their OOTD.

Nonetheless, versatility is also found in red. As you begin to experiment with its various shades, you’ll find that there are softer hues to play around with that can make pairing with other colors an easier task.
You’ll also find tons of opportunities to accent your red nails with sequins, rhinestones, animal prints, floral designs, swirls, and more, at your disposal. There’s just so much to uncover, so let’s get into the juicy details. Here are red nail designs you need to see.