120 Vibe-Worthy French Tip Nail Design Ideas For 2022

On a day-to-day basis, salons chairs are filled with women who can’t wait to get their nails done, and if they’re strapped for time, there’s a particular nail design that they’ll request right away—the timeless and incomparable french tips.

Known for its nude base with tips coated in white, this nail style is classy, generally low-key, and very trendy. It must be said, however, that french tips have truly encountered an evolution these past few years.

Women everywhere are switching things up, moving away from the traditional neutral tint and static white tip, as they incorporate brighter hues and patterns that channel their own vibe and personality.

That’s why it’s a must that I share with you some of the most vibe-worthy french tip nail designs you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Get ready, because this compilation is about to blow your mind.