12 ideas for short haircuts

Previously, everyone was sure that hair is the pride of every girl. Because of this, everyone tried to grow their hair as long as possible to be even more beautiful. Modern fashion rejects these stereotypes, because now short haircuts for women are in trend! Especially since a short haircut cuts not only the length of the hair but also the age. A woman looks younger and fresher with a short haircut and trendy updo.

Below you will find 12 ideas of the most popular short haircuts for women, which will make any woman stand out.

Do you lack volume in your hair? A bob haircut is a great solution in this situation! The bottom line is that the haircut is done in layers and the strands are left shorter on the crown. This makes the hair lighter and will look much fuller when styled. It is important here when drying the hair, lift the root with a hair dryer.

Such a haircut is suitable for owners of a thin face, because this haircut focuses on the face, and it is simply impossible to hide anything with such a haircut. Pixie is suitable for thin hair, because thanks to it, the hair will look voluminous.

The main advantages of such a haircut are that it needs to be updated no more than once a month, and it also maintains volume without complex styling. And, of course, the characteristic features of the haircut are the clarity of the lines. The hairstyle is suitable for owners of thick and dense hair.

This haircut is already considered a classic. With the help of a properly selected variant, you can emphasize the features of the face and hide the flaws. A bob with bangs is suitable for a square, oval and triangular face shape. The classic square will look good on a round and oval face shape.

What haircut do you prefer?