12 haircut ideas that will give you volume and are suitable for a round face

When choosing a haircut, first of all, women should not focus on fashion trends, advice from friends or fleeting desires, but make sure that it will suit the type of face. The round shape of the face and chubby cheeks complicate this task, because they dictate their own rules. It is worth considering them so that there are no regrets after a visit to the hairdresser. Let’s talk about voluminous haircuts that will emphasize the attractive features of round-faced women and mask some areas.

General rules for choosing a voluminous haircut for a round face

Girls with this type of face should avoid the following hairstyles:

– hairstyles with a straight path – it is better to do it sideways or zigzag;
– the voluminous and even bangs – will “steal” the volume of the back of the head and the crown, which is necessary to balance the rounded cheeks;
– small curls – they emphasize the shape of the face;
– hairstyle with added volume in the area of ​​the ears – this will expand the face where it is not needed.

Emphasis should be placed on vertical paths, asymmetry, large curls, volume at the back of the head or crown – these techniques will correct a round face.

Pixie hairstyle for short hair and round face

The elegant and playful haircut is suitable for short hair. Do not be afraid that it will show full cheeks in all their glory – the volume at the crown will visually stretch the face. It is better to refuse a clear smoothness and an even cut – precisely “diversity”, asymmetry and oblique bangs are needed. Shaved temples and a very high mohawk are suitable for daring chubby women.

Bob in different variations

A versatile and practical bob is also good because it can visually lengthen the lines of the cheekbones. An open area of ​​the neck and nape will add lightness and elegance to this voluminous haircut. Each bob variant has its own benefits for a round face:

– the sharp lines of an asymmetrical bob with oblique bangs will make the cheekbones slightly angular;
-a bob-carre elongated to the shoulders will stretch the face;
-a graduated bob will balance the round shapes of the face thanks to the volume.


Of all the hairstyles for a round face, only the classic carre version with an asymmetrical cut is suitable. Volumetric types of carre with gradation due to carelessness will smooth out the contours of the face.

Chubby girls with long hair can do haircuts in stages, such as cascading. Scattered hair, voluminous at the roots, perfectly hides the cheeks and visually narrows the face.

How do you add volume to your hair? Share your beauty secrets in the comments.