115 Acrylic Nail Designs to Fascinate Your Admirers

To feel beautiful: what does it for you? If you’re viewing this article, nails are of some importance to your beauty regime – and we’re here to help inspire your personal creativity. Acrylic nails that dazzle and captivate your on-looking audience can be quite satisfying, so what better way to feel gorgeous than to have an appealing theme and design all your own?

We’ve compiled 115 photos of some of the most gorgeous acrylic nail designs to help you decide what look you’re after.

1. Gemming Violet


This violet matte finish is a lovely design, complete with matching gems and white petals that can match a variety of outfits.
2. Cosmic Blast
28-Acrylic-NailsHere we have nails that dazzle with extreme use of sparkles. This design is simple, but not for the faint of heart.

3. Wild Woman’s Wish
29-Acrylic-NailsIf you’ve got a wild side and want to flaunt it, leopard print in pink is always fashionable. Do this design on long nails to fit a few flowering trinkets atop a nail or two.

4. Golden Diamonds
30-Acrylic-NailsYou can add simple golden diamond shaped gems to any color or design, adding a bit of eye-catching glamor.

5. Star Rush

These black nails look as is they’ve been dipped in stardust. To add some contrast, choose a nail and either invert the color to white – or add an intriguing design like the one seen above.
6. Plastered Pink
18-Acrylic-NailsCalling all pink lovers, you’re sure to grab attention with striking beauties like these. Drip a bit of pink and purple on the white nails to make it look like they’ve been paint splashed.

7. Dazzling Violet Drops
17-Acrylic-NailsThis is an almost-French manicure. The difference is the shape of the “lanula”. Instead of creating a crescent, a tear-drop shape outlined with silver creates a striking appeal.

8. Naturally Long & Beautiful
16-Acrylic-NailsNo intense designs needed to flaunt these well manicured nails. Sometimes less is more.

9. Treasure Island
15-Acrylic-NailsWe’re in love with these glamorous nails, with teal and blue sparkles that shimmer in the light. They truly stand out when painted atop black.

10. Blue Glitz

This blue theme seems to also be inspired by the water element, with flowing designs and gems that look like rain drops. Don’t forget that one nail filled with sparkles, like mist on the air.
11. Plush Pink Cache
12-Acrylic-NailsNail stickers can easily be added onto any acrylic nail design to enhance the theme and make them stand out. Get creative with them and form your own patterns.

12. Baby Blue Bling
13-Acrylic-NailsBaby blue is already a lovely yet rare color seen on manicures. Add dazzle with one or two nails on each hand done in matching sparkles, or add a few gems to have them catch the light.

13. Honey Gold

You’ll feel like an Egyptian Queen with nails resembling a honey gold, as if you’re truly made of the divine. These nails go great with golden rings and bracelets.
14. Holiday Marble
10-Acrylic-NailsIf you look closely, the red and black polishes collide to make a marble-effect on your nails. The Petals and leaves added make for a lovely holiday design.

15. Paint Splash
9-Acrylic-NailsHere’s a simple French manicure with cute little paint splotch stickers you can usually find at your nearest salon or in the cosmetics section in your favorite store.

16. Frosty Fingertips
8-Acrylic-NailsLighten up the mood during the holidays with a cute design featuring frosted fingers and a cute little penguin buddy that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

17. Modern Marvel
1-Acrylic-NailsWow! These nails are modern, chic, and not for the faint of heart. If you’re a glamor goddess, you’ll love long designs with stiletto tips like this.

18. Bubblelicious

Fun and fabulous, the bubbles seen here are inverted once they reach the white tips. These are great for casual occasions.
19. Stiletto Stones
3-Acrylic-NailsDesigns like this that outline the entirety of the nail are becoming more and more popular. Add your own twist with perfectly placed stones or gems.

20. Short Compilation
4-Acrylic-NailsNot all of us are in search of wildly long fingernails. These acrylic nails are short and perfect for those of us that just want to add some dazzle to a more natural length.

21. Tipped & Dyed Flow
5-Acrylic-NailsFlowers are a popular addition to any nail design, but the extra detail to the tips seen here make this design stand out. They’re similar to zebra stripes, but don’t look tacky or teen-ish.

22. Peacock’s Dream
6-Acrylic-NailsHave you ever seen a design that incorporates all the beautiful colors of peacock feathers quite like this? We’re in love with this design, and they’re sure to match any outfit you put on.

23. Prowling Punk
117-Acrylic-NailsClassic black can always be spruced up with a few added twists in the mix. See the nail piercing on the pinkie? Totally awesome, just don’t get it caught on anything.

24. Free Flying Feathers
116-Acrylic-NailsIf you love birds or what they symbolize, this is a lovely design meant for you. The birds and feathers resemble many popular tattoos.
25. Orange Sherbet
115-Acrylic-NailsNot very many women think of oranges and peaches done with white when creating their acrylic nail design. But this is a marvelous example of what you can do with uncommon colors.

26. Lemon Glitz
114-Acrylic-NailsA perfect design for any season, these nails will surely stand out and grab the attention of your on-looking audience. The bright color mixed with glimmering sparkles won’t go unnoticed.

27. Hidden Poppies

This simple design can easily be done at home using a spotting tool or toothpick. Perfect for anyone that isn’t quite in love with sparkles.
28. Abstract Dimensions
112-Acrylic-NailsReminiscent of the 80’s, this design features sharp angles and thick outlines with mismatched colors.