11 stylish and elegant haircuts

Bob Carre is one of the most sought after haircuts today. The popularity of the hairstyle is due to the combination of the strict carre lines and the bright volume created by the bob crown. This combination is considered a winning solution for women who have a rare hair structure. In this article we will explain and show what an elegant haircut looks like on problematic hair and what are the solutions for ladies with such difficulties.

Why do ladies with sparse hair choose a bob carre?

Today, classic haircuts are rarely requested. Much more relevant are hairstyles that are combined with each other, creating a completely new look every time. Bob and carre are very popular haircuts that adorn any feminine look, and the combination of the two forms creates an even more original look of ordinary hairstyles.

Why is this haircut recommended for ladies with sparse hair?

1. Convenient length. The bob carre is neither too short nor too long, which allows you to easily cover the earlobes almost to the shoulders;
2. A short nape and rounded tips guarantee beautiful and lush hair;
3. Placing a bob is extremely easy, just wash your hair and dry it with a hair dryer using the brush;
4. With a bob carre you can create a wide variety of styles;
5. This hairstyle can soften too prominent facial features, emphasize roundness and give the image a special femininity;
6. Suitable for both blondes and brunettes, and in combination with a fashionable coloring looks very creative.

If you rarely have long hair, then it is best to remove the length and go for a bob carre. This will create extra volume and give life to a new exceptional image.

Hairstyle options

Bob carre can be arranged in different hairstyles. We recommend that you consider the most popular models:


Light waves in combination with an elegant bob carre haircut look very natural, which will add a touch of intrigue to your look. If you choose the curls to be tight, then the created image is very suitable for a daring photo shoot.

Always try to add more volume to the roots. First, you should always have a brush with which to style your hair, and second, you can try to make a little bouffant. This ensures that the hair will be incredibly lush and beautiful.

In order not to bother too much, leave your hair in its natural form immediately after washing. If you have naturally slightly wavy hair, then use an iron.

Bob-car is ideal for any hair structure. A haircut on sparse hair looks especially beautiful and attractive. Moreover, the hairstyle is able to restore the volume and create the image of the most seductive lady.